Final Fantasy XII’s Vayne Solidor is the newest Dissidia Final Fantasy fighter By Tony Garsow on March 13, 2018 at 7:26 AM

Vayne Solidor from Final Fantasy XII is the newest character coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade tomorrow and April 26th in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. He is Heavy-type character that uses his fists and can transform into his Venat-infused version. Vayne is the first character available with the season pass, but can also be purchased individually.

The Orbonne Monastery stage from Final Fantasy Tactics previously revealed on another broadcast will arrive on March 14th in the Arcade version and March 22nd in the console version.

Correction: Vayne Solidor will arrive in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in April, not on March 22nd as previously reported.

  • Artemis Polara

    Interesting idea of mixing his punches and kicks with flying swords.

  • One Eco

    It was obvious it was either him or a XIII villain because:
    – Gabranth won’t return this year, CONFIRMED.
    – Since November we know that one new XII and one new XIII character were in development.
    – All the clues we were given at the January’s stream.

  • SNK

    No, it was not obviois because Vayne was not considered for Dissidia. Ever. He was not even speculated. Also, they said Gabranth is going to return and I’d never imagine XII would get three reps.

  • One Eco

    Someone hasn’t been hearing the Dissidia community lately, I see.
    Maybe Vayne wasn’t considered for the PSP games, but the PSP games don’t matter anymore with this one. Also, Vayne is the only character that did fit the criteria that is featured in another Dissidia game: Opera Omnia.
    In fact, his popularity onb the wishlist grew because of his appearances in Opera Omnia.

    All the characters from 012 ARE CONFIRMED THAT WILL RETURN (except Feral Chaos, he has already been thrown to the “deconfirmed trash can”. However since “clue release” back in January both Gabranth AND Tifa were said that they wouldn’t be added THIS YEAR. And, like I said before, XII and XIII were confirmed to receive new characters (3rd rep in XII’s case and 2nd rep in XIII’s case) since November.

  • Called it.
    And wanted it.
    He’s a smart character. FFs’ Let Luthor

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Glad its him if it isnt Caius, tbh. Although im still sad it isnt Caius :l

  • One Eco

    Indeed, only that this Lex Luthor didn’t lose his wondeful hair x’D

  • Randy Marsh

    Yes! I love Vayne and glad he didn’t get the cold shoulder in favor of Gabranth like in the original Dissidia games.

    Now I just hope they go through the effort and get Elijah Alexander back to voice Vayne for the English localization of the game. I still sadly remember the VA change for Gabranth in the PSP Dissidia games…..

  • SNK

    I’ve been following this game everyday since day one but I didn’t pay attention to that thing you thing about Opera Omnia. They said it was a character featured in Opera Omnia?
    I also know they said everybody from Duodecim will return and that Gabranth and Tifa weren’t confirmed. I meant that XII getting three reps during the game’s lifetime baffled m, not during this year.

  • Justice V

    Never got to him in XII, since it was one of my least favorite FF’s, but he seems cool. Not too fond of his alt look though, but I guess if that was his final form in the game it makes sense.

  • Codes McGodes

    Fucking FINALLY. Literally been waiting like ten years for this dude’s addition.

    Also called it. Interesting that his Novus form is playable. Didn’t expect to see that since they removed ExModes.

  • Hah! Yeah. He’s got a real stuck up rich politician look.

  • One Eco

    He is not in GL yet, he appeared on Chapter 10 and 11 on the story when that updates came to JP.

    Ah, then, pardon my misunderstanding. Well, it seems that the devs want at least 3 reps for each numbered game. So for now, FFIV, V (after the release of Gilgamesh), VII (after the release of Tifa), VIII (after the release of Laguna), X (after the release of Yuna) and XII won’t receive any character soon enough.

  • One Eco

    It’s not an EX Skill, they just used footage of his first alternate costume (which is Vayne Novus)

  • One Eco

    His final form was another one, Vayne Novus is his second phase form.

  • Codes McGodes

    Ohhh it’s an alternate costume. Gotcha.

  • Codes McGodes

    10/10 would trade Trump’s hair for Vayne’s.

  • David Thornhill

    He’s a lot more vicious here than in his own game. Then again, so is everyone else. Even Cloud lol

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  • alef321

    literally the worst addition that no one asked for and don’t even care or remember, could’ve been caiuss,serah,noel , snow , penelo, ashe,balthier,fran,barsch ,gabranth(reworked) ,instead we get literal who . whoever is in charge of these decisions needs to be fired from his current job to something else.

  • One Eco

    The clues were there, and he, alongside Cid Raines were basically the most obvious choices.
    Also, don’t assume that everyone doesn’t like him because that’s your own opinion.

  • saintfighteraqua

    Now I have an image of Trump with beautiful hair. Thanks. XD