Dissidia Final Fantasy NT new male character reveal livestream dated for May 15 By Wazi the pa on May 8, 2018 at 1:14 AM

Square Enix is set to host its next livestream event for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade systems on May 15 at 8:00PM JST (4:00AM PST). Folks can watch the live broadcast on Niconico and YouTube.

There, the company will reveal a new male character from the older half of the Final Fantasy titles that will make an appearance in both titles and be playable for the first time ever in the Dissidia series. As well as the reveal, Square Enix will also share other information relating to future updates for the two games.

Square Enix previously teased the next playable character as one of the six upcoming DLC characters via the game’s season pass. The first DLC character was Vayne Solidor from Final Fantasy XII, which released a little over a week ago.

And finally, hosting the 90-minute broadcast is announcer and narrator Masao Koori along with Dissidia Final Fantasy producer Ichiro Hazama, director Takeo Kujiraoka, Famitsu writer Bunbun Maru and voice actress Marika Kouno.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available for PlayStation 4. Check here to read our full review of the game.

  • One Eco

    Another “character refresh” will be announced, just like last month’s Warrior of Light “refresh”.

  • Um objection. Relevance?
    I heard the online versus for this game is dead.

  • Emorelle

    I have zero problems finding matches no matter what time of day or night. Not sure if that means its pact but there are always matches

  • Justice V

    Warrior of Light Refresh?

  • One Eco

    Maybe Dissidia NT is dead for many, but Dissidia Arcade has never been more alive for everyone.

  • One Eco

    Last month it was announced that the team has started to upgrade old characters, such as the original 14 heroes, since they are 2 y/o characters and need some work to maintain fresh, that’s why each month, April onwards, a new “character refresh” is going to be added.

  • Paolo Ibayan

    Give us Caius!

  • One Eco

    The XIII villain rep will probably be Cid Raines.

  • Justice V