Here’s 17 glorious minutes of Dragon Quest XI PS4 English gameplay By Wazi the pa on May 3, 2018 at 9:39 AM

The folks over at PlayStation Underground were given some hands-on time with the English version of Dragon Quest XI running on PlayStation 4, and as a result, they’ve uploaded 17 sweet minutes of gameplay footage for viewers all around to set their eyes upon.

The video below offers a nice look at the game in action through one of its dungeons, featuring turn-based combat, free-form exploration and more.

Check it out:

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is set to release for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on September 4 in North America and Europe. If you’re looking to learn more about the game’s Western release, check here.

  • I love this but I also love Ivalice’s world. I suck at FFT and 12 was boring so I want Square to do a game, with a battle system and exploration like this but make it all about Ivalice as told by the Viera and those Occuria beings.

  • Great skills and animation in combat. I like the designs of the cast minus the gay dancer and the old man.

  • MajoraMan28

    Really? They’ll maintain the absolutely terrible MIDI for the soundtrack?
    No orchestral pieces like the ones recorded last year?

  • stevenm281

    this game is freaking beautiful!

  • Jesiah Grant

    Christ I cant stand looking at the font for this game, please tell me its not final. Also that battle music is….umm pretty basic. I’ve just finished Bravely default and man what a soundtrack. Also I heard the Japanese version has no voice acting yet the English release will. I find this just plain weird

  • Paolo Ibayan

    The game’s turn based style is too slow for me :/