Yasumi Matsuno shows off scrapped plans for a “Final Fantasy Tactics 2” By Tony Garsow on May 19, 2018 at 5:52 PM

Final Fantasy XIV‘s “Return to Ivalice” raid series reunites Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno with many of his old team members who are now working on the MMORPG. During a live broadcast today, where both teams were commenting a playthrough of FFT, Matsuno showed off scrapped plans for a sequel.

After Final Fantasy Tactics released, around the time Vagrant Story was being created, Hironobu Sakaguchi was planning a “Final Fantasy Tactics 2” project. There were discussions about whether or not Squaresoft could develop the game internally, however, the decision was made to outsource.

Since 3D development was difficult, the plan was to use a 2D hexagonal system that you can see in the images below. Ultimately, according to Matsuno, it was shelved for a number of reasons.

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  • Krijn van Alten

    I like the TA and TA2 art style more in all honesty.

  • nn555

    shit taste

  • Mokou Houraisan


  • Randy Marsh

    I’ll give you that, Yoshida’s style from the SNES/PSX generation is very murky and more dull when it comes to coloring. Honestly his drawings did not get better until FFXII and FFXIV.

    TA’s art style is hit or miss, some character’s look good, but some suffer from the cartoony style from the game. Ito’s designs in TA2 are so much more better than TA’s since he tried to mimic the more style from modern Yoshida style than the cartoony style from TA and FFXII:RW.

  • He shined on PS1 with Vagrant Story, which spanned to the other games to come.

  • Heropon

    I also like gameplay and music from TA more . I like Sakimoto upbeat and melodic style

  • Randy Marsh

    I enjoy only his main character and summon designs in Tactics, couldn’t get too much into the job art. Mind you these are with the over elements of the work such as color scheme and certain details, not the designs themselves. However, Vagrant Story’s designs in general, IN MY OPINION, was some of his more subpar work. Bad color scheme, unnecessary over-detailing, and the terrible proportions on the characters.

    I prefer the more clean style of art he has been using since the release of Final Fantasy XII, War of the Lions, and Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Alex Hassett

    I very much disliked the advance titles. The original FFT is one of my favorite games of all time to this day. A hexagonal grid may have been interesting but a deviation from the art style would have been a blow to my heart. Still very sad that FFT never got a true sequel. A masterpiece that I still keep on my shelf.

  • メアさまの下僕

    Hexa SRPGs are trash. See also: Wild Arms XF.

  • Rick Nascimento

    The same here. Love the original FFT and still play it from time to time. Didn’t like much any of the Advance games…

  • CriticalHit

    I think it’s about time for a FFT sequel. And I’m not sure using a similar art style is a good choice. They should probably create a brand new game, with new graphics/art style. Sort of like the jump from FF6 (3 in the US) to FF7. This would make the most sense so the game appeals to both (most) old fans and new fans alike.

    I’d be ok with a sequel being in the Ivalice world, but I also wouldn’t mind a brand new story.

    In short: Gimme a darn new FFT game already!!!

  • Xquared

    That stuff doesn’t look anything like the original game… hexes?
    What is so hard about giving us an actual sequel to the best game ever made… with pvp.
    Keep everything exactly the same, plus the stuff that the proof of concept was missing.
    I think the only more obviously anticipated sequel than Final Fantasy Tactics 2 is Half Life 3.

  • yoyomom

    You had me at “I think it’s about time for a FFT sequel”. I’ve been wanting to play a game where you can create multiple characters with diverse classes (so far, pillars of eternity 2 fits that bill nicely). RPGs are good, but RPGs these days have pre-made characters. I use to like MMOs, but I don’t like playing with strangers instead of people I know. I think strategy games are the way to go.

    I would like a game where you can combine any 2 classes to make a super class (and FFT technically had something like that, for instance, Knight+Monk+Dragoon=Samurai), but I think that’s asking for too much. I’d settle on a game with Wizard/Black mage, Priest/Cleric/White mage, Alchemist, Mechanic (or Ranger), Paladin, Pirate, Fighter (or any other alternative knight class), Geomancer (or Monk), Bard, and Ninja, with additional classes.

  • Amb!

    Square just rarely ever does sequels that way (keeping things the same). For better or worse (or both), through their entire history when they’ve made sequels (and sometimes remakes) they almost always try to shake things up with something different. It goes back to 1988 when Final Fantasy II had an unrelated story, world and characters and significantly reworked game system – in fact, it goes back even before that, to 1985 when Will: The Death Trap II, their first ever sequel, had an unrelated story in a different genre from The Death Trap, their first ever game.

    There are exceptions, like Kingdom Hearts II, but they are relatively few.

  • CriticalHit

    Your explanation of the classes and combinations brought back memories and now I want this even more 🙁

  • CriticalHit

    “What is so hard about giving us an actual sequel to the best game ever made”
    I don’t understand how a big shot company like squenix works these days. You would think that they would create games they know will sell, but no. Take the FF7 sequel for example. It took them so long to finally cave and start making it, even when they knew a gazillion people wanted it.

    FFT should not be any different. Maybe someone can start a petition or something for everyone to sign. May be a bit extreme, but what else can we do if such a game isn’t even in the works?

  • Nicholas Perry

    I would’ve been fine with that. More fft is always good. I really enjoyed the two TA games despite the light harded tone. Yes bring on the hate.

  • Blightness

    Square has absolutely no idea what people want.

  • Zakariah

    Scrap this game? Right, because the real game I am waiting on is Final Fantasy 20, or 45
    Please give the majority of what Final Fantasy fans want and continue this project. At this point we are begging.

  • I don’t like tactics games but I do like deeper more serious stories. At very least use the story in a main title like they did with 12. The only thing the ruined 12 was that most of the cast didn’t develop, bond, or even really like each other. And that kinda made them unlikable.

  • Xquared

    That’s cool…
    but you know what would be cooler?
    An actual sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics… with pvp.
    And everything exactly the same, plus the stuff that the proof of concept was missing.
    I think the only more obviously anticipated sequel than Final Fantasy Tactics 2 is Half Life 3.
    Lol, but honestly, ofcourse there would be additional character assets, classes abilities, etc. Keep the original stock, changed however slightly so. Add team pvp, and a ‘MOBA’ mode where several players control just 1 character on the same map, and so on. Be awesome over ‘just’ ‘different from before’.

  • Something about his character design didn’t quite catch me in Tactics but I do like how that sort of style looked in Final Fantasy 3.

    As for Vagrant Story, I can understand where you’re coming from but at least we can meet on the FF12 and FF14 artwork.

  • Randy Marsh

    You can always meet someone halfway in opinions lol!

  • Oh, that a game the generation should have the opportunity to play. It’s a masterpieces!

  • Nairb Weis Smellslikedarkness

    Square has foiled another plan for FF Tactics, huh? not surprising…..they really don’t know how long their fans have waited for more than 20 years for another good tactics game…….