Katy Perry joins the cast of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on December 12 By Tony Garsow on December 9, 2018 at 6:40 PM

At this weekend’s Final Fantasy Brave Exvius fan festival, Square Enix announced that pop star Katy Perry will be the next real-life collaboration in the game. Previously Arianna Grande joined the game with a special collaboration, character, and song and it looks like Perry will have the same — telling a crowd of fans that she was approached by Square Enix for the project.

A new song callled “Immortal Flame” will debut in the game, which is partly inspired by Rain, one of the game’s protagonists. Perry’s character costume is made in the image of the crystal.

Starting December 12th, you’ll be able to participate in the collaboration which will get you a free 5 to 7 star character.

  • Iggy

    Now enter all the whiny little dips***s who don’t even play Brave Exvius to complain about a character in Brave Exvius. XD

  • Crysus Bu


  • Cain Barron

    I like this better than Ariana collab.

  • King Zeus

    I god.

    How embarrassing.

  • I hope they never do this with the non-phone games.

  • Randy Marsh

    I don’t play Brave Exvius and I’m complaining she has no damn right to be in FF! Who’s next to be featured in an FF game Gackt!?

  • Randy Marsh

    They already did something similar to this. His name is Gackt and he was in the CoFFVII.

  • One Eco

    Who says it?
    And… wasn’t Gackt already featured in Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core?

  • Randy Marsh

    That was my joke Eco. I was making a point that this isn’t even uncommon at this point.

  • Iggy


    SIT! Doooooooooown.

  • But not as himself. He just did a voice. Even in dirge of Cerberus his music played but but Genesis wasn’t a focus in that one.

  • Cain Barron

    I know right? I would love to see game companies doing celebrity collab just to see those guys complain forever.

  • Randy Marsh

    Considering the design for Genesis is actually Gackt himself, it may as well just be him.

  • Agree to disagree . I’m no Gackt fan do I’m not gonna argue about this.

    My point is ever since the product placement and quest that’s an ad in FF15 I’ve been worries Square may never recover what integrity they once had. Right now only 14 and KH3 are fun and decent games for them in my eyes.

  • One Eco

    Oh, my bad.
    My receptors of sarcasm never were fully developed (?