Tetsuya Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts III DLC, story details, and secret ending By Tony Garsow on February 27, 2019 at 3:12 PM

Be advised this article contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III has been out for almost a month now, and some have been wondering if or when the game will receive and post-launch DLC. In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, director Tetsuya Nomura was asked about possible future updates to the game as well as the enigmatic secret ending.

Nomura shares that in previous Kingdom Hearts titles, a Critical Mode was added to the ‘Final Mix’ version of the game and they plan on delivering it later; the process won’t be just adjusting numerical values. They plan on adjustments followed by debugging and making the mode more unique than just a higher difficulty setting.

There will be a plan for free DLC updates that may add a feature, but paid DLC will appear as more of a ‘package’ with several elements included. The paid DLC will take some time to come out, and Nomura says that he’d like for the team to start production on their next project sometime this year — preferably as soon as they can. As for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, Nomura says you might hear them talk about it but right now it’s a blank sheet.

Onto some quickfire story matters, when asked if he had plans to elaborate on Xion’s resurrection and falling in with the True Organization XIII, Nomura feels that it’s something you can gather from the game but he may explain further in DLC. There are similarities between Scala ad Caelum and Daybreak Town [KHUχ] and the thirteen dark figures that Xehanort has with him in this world are replicas. He doesn’t have much of a desire to further delve into the lives of the Organization members but the identity of the unnamed girl Isa and Lea both reference from their past is within the Secret Report — it’s a character that has appeared in the series before.

Also, the “nameless star” that appears to Sora in The Final World? It seems only she knows what her future will be.

Regarding the secret movie “Yozora”, Nomura says that it is a prelude to a story — if that story has a future. There’s a lot of speculation, but it’s not as simple as you might think.

Development on a new world for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is fast approaching, and the main scenario is increasing the pace — many mysterious elements included.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Artemis Polara

    “Should’ve been in the game from launch”

  • Patrick Bateman

    “Regarding the secret movie “Yozora”, Nomura says that it is a prelude to a story — if that story has a future. There’s a lot of speculation, but it’s not as simple as you might think.”

    why…Kingdom Hearts could use some simple for a change lmao don’t complicate the story anymore than it already is..

  • alef321

    KH3 delivered way more than I expected regarding content in the game, yet people will still take it for granted for not having small bits easily addable via patches/FMx

    say what you want about the game but if you compared to XV, KH3 delivered way more and was actually faithful to the trailers(ingame and pre-rendered ones) instead of lying.
    the only cut thing I found was we couldn’t explore Yen sid’s tower

  • Casper

    What if FFVersusXV

  • Patrick Bateman

    lol Versus is dead and XV is finished. Maybe we’ll get a revivial/remake in 20 years or something.

  • Casper

    Maybe 5 years not 20

  • Patrick Bateman

    …we are talking about the same company right? lmao

  • Khem

    We could of have more worlds, Twillight town cut down to bits and Keyblade Graveyeard was rushed mostly everything the trailer showed. Yea game was whats expected, but horrible pacing.

  • Patrick Bateman

    As much as i’m enjoying the game, i do feel the story is kinda..eh haha i’ve completed 6 worlds so far..it kinda just feels like we’re going to these Pixar worlds for the sake of ” oh hey, look, that license” I feel like Kingdom Hearts II was more heavily story driven, i’m about 50 hours in ( 100%ing each world ) and yes there’s lots of cut scenes and dialogue, and it all looks beautiful, but I want more Kingdom Hearts worlds and story…like Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden, Castle Oblivion, stuff like that. The story is kinda tame so far tbh, but still 100x better than FFXV haha.

    I don’t know, the game is loaded with story, it just feels like nothing is actually happening though if that makes sense….And I totally get what someone in another comment on another post meant by hoping Sora would kinda mature by now..he doesn’t seem like he’s really learned or changed all that much. Still cocky and dumb, which is fine i guess that is his character, but was hoping for more growth.

  • •december

    KH3 delivered more than XV because, its not really hard to.
    For Final Fantasy XV the trailers changed a lot between 2006 – 2019, and XV was ambitious with conflicts of interest.
    KH3 was announced in 2013, (shorter time of having expectations) with consistent trailers and rated E for Everyone (So no conflict of interest).

    Can you really compare the two…

  • NoctLightCloud

    How do you know, Patrick? Everything about Yozora, the art style and mood in KH3 screams Versus in your face. They literally play Somnus Nemoris. And that song is not a XV song, but one for Versus. The lyrics, the tone, everything about it. Also, Shibuya/Tokyo instead of the XV areas – that’s a Versus reference at its finest.
    The same people laughed at us about a possible VII Remake. And here we are now. Or a SoM Remake. Why should it be impossible if the demand for it is vivid? Sqex is good at hiding some projects. Remember Kingsglaive? If fans had demanded a VIII remake as much as VII, we’d get a VIIIR.
    I believe the same as Casper. “Lol”… Let’s see who will laugh in the end when you come back to this comment in 1 year.

  • NoctLightCloud

    as if Nomura has anything to say about it. He hates DLCs just as much as we do. But if the management decides sth, he can’t go against it. We need to stop buying DLCs.

  • x5kevleo

    I’ll pass, I rather wait until they release a game year edition or final mix or something like that.

  • Patrick Bateman

    lmao because FFVII only got the greenlight for a remake like 20 years after it’s initial release?? and i doubt us begging really had anything to do with it, they said NO so many times since that PS3 Tech Demo, Nomura said many times that everyone from the original project would have to WANT to make a FFVII Remake, and no one wanted to because of how daunting of a task it is. I think they greenlit FFVII because of the massive potential of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ since it’s no secret as much as there are XIII fans that series didn’t do financially as well as they’d hoped and it’s not like they were really pumping strong AAA games at the time.

    Yes, those are all Versus references, I never denied that. All i got from those Verum Rex trailers ( haven’t watched the secret ending yet as i haven’t beaten the game ) were a nod/easter egg to what would’ve been Versus. Like i said, if Versus comes back, I 100% doubt it’ll have anything to do with XV or Noctis or anything it was originally meant to be, if anything it’ll be a Spiritual Successor with a different story and different characters with similarities , like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a Spiritual Successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, they have similarities and maybe even cameos/ references.

    I 100% believe Nomura was just giving the Versus fans something since we got left with XV.. This dream of XV continuing or XV Versus happening imo doesn’t look like we’ll get it anytime soon. 5 years from now for a game as recent as XV seems ridiculous, which is why i said MAYBE in 20 years. Ya’ll act like FFVII came out on the PS1 in 2010 or something lmao. How long did it take to get to where we are? And i’m not saying this all as fact, this is all just what I THINK personally, sorry if I think it’s funny ya’ll think Square works this fast.

    Plus Nomura literally was just quoted saying “There’s a lot of speculation, but it’s not as simple as you might think.”

    everyone jumping on the ” omg Versus XV ” seems pretty damn simple to me LOL just sayin. I can “lol” all i want :p you just don’t have to get so worked up at the thought of someone who doesn’t think the way you do 100% of the time, to each there own bud haha sure come back to this comment in 1-2 years, if it happened, great we all get something dope,( hopefully) if it didn’t happen which I don’t think it will, oh well, not like I’m aggressively campaigning against it or anything, I just don’t see it happening ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  • Noneofyourbusiness

    I think pretty strongly that they’re not actually going to do Versus, but it seems much more plausible that Yozora and the rest of his Versus-inspired friends could be the main characters of a new Kingdom Hearts story now that the “Seeker of Darkness” plot is over. After all, that’s what the developers said a year or two ago, that III would be the end of the “Seeker of Darkness” storyline but not of Kingdom Hearts.

  • Patrick Bateman

    ^ that right there is the most reasonable and believable reply I’ve got lol if “Versus” happens it’ll most likely be Versus-inspired, ie art, design, weapons, settings etc… don’t think it’ll have anything to do with XV in the slightest.

  • Noneofyourbusiness


  • Artemis Polara

    Well if you believe that you can’t condemn Tabata for doing the same with XV. Sure the situations are somewhat different but clearly they didn’t have enough time to put everything they wanted in. Moreso Tabata since he didn’t have nearly as much time as Nomura did. I do note your boycott though and respect that.

  • Artemis Polara

    Yozora is a problem to me since it’s just Nomura repackaging an old idea we’ve already received in XV. No matter if you like it or not, it’s just recycling now. I’d prefer if Nomura just went with something new rather than be salty about losing his project. I’m aware it’s not as simple as him just failing but even then, he should grow up and move on. The guy’s got interesting ideas, he shouldn’t be trapped by his old ones. And if he does try to proceed to pound them into KH, I’d prefer if he were pulled from the series instead.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Apparently no Final Mix is planned for KH3, they talked about DLC planned back in June of 2018, but said there will be no Final Mix and no Season Passes, mind you things can change.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I don’t condemn Tabata, not at all. XV and Crisis Core were almost the only two games ever (besides X, XI and VIII) that made me cry at the end. That’s why I can’t be mad at Tabata, cause unless every other game I played, his games at least created some emotions inside me. And that’s an achievement. I play FF for the emotions, first and foremost.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Check out the recent video by the NightSkyPrince on YouTube. There he talks about a recent interview with Nomura from the KH3 Ultimania.
    Yozora and Verum Rex are NOT VSXIII. So is XV. XV is so different from what VSXIII was supposed to be, it’s like comparing VII and XIV, that’s how different it is. Prompto was originally a serial killer, not a selfie-taking slapstick-character. Noctis’ father was originally not even a king, but a Yakuza boss. XV is not Nomura’s idea, it just uses similar-looking characters (with completely different personalities) that share the same names.
    Based on that interview I mentioned, it seems like Verum Rex will be a standalone game, and Versus FF will come as a standalone game, too. That’s why imo Yozora is not a problem.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Read the KH3 Ultimania interview. Although cryptic, I think VS FF is happening. What better time to use the assets than now, as XV is still “fresh”. XIII-2 and LR each took around 2~3 years with that strategy.

  • Artemis Polara

    Where are your sources when it comes to Versus? Please enlighten me. Because much of that sounds like nonsense. I’ve read plenty of “leaks” and only one of them actually was plausible because a name dropped in that leak was found in the games files. And that still could’ve been a coincidence.
    Do not pretend to know what Versus actually was. The game had changed a bunch between 2006-2013. We know that based on when they said the characters were designed. But beyond that bit, the story is unknown to us.

  • Artemis Polara

    Where are your sources when it comes to Versus? Please enlighten me.
    Because much of that sounds like nonsense. (Except the Regis mob boss
    bit but that was in the context of how he ran the government, especially
    when the trailers for Versus spoke of him as the king) I’ve read plenty
    of “leaks” and only one of them actually was plausible because a name
    dropped in that leak was found in the games files. And that still
    could’ve been a coincidence.
    Do not pretend to know what Versus
    actually was. The game had changed a bunch between 2006-2013. We know
    that based on when they said the characters were designed. But beyond
    that bit, the story is unknown to us. By the way when it comes to Versus
    back in the day, I know when people talk out of their a– because I
    read every single interview back then because of my excitement.

    no matter how you wish to justify it, the comparisons will be there. We
    know Nomura only did it because he’s salty he couldn’t finish Versus.
    And I will emphasize this, if Nomura wants to put a rebranded Versus and
    TWEWY into KH, I’d prefer he be pulled from the series. I’m not
    kidding. I’d rather someone else take over Kingdom Hearts.

    Had to resubmit this because I said a singular bad word. -_-

  • Artemis Polara

    Except they won’t. And people will call it a lazy rehash if they attempt a reboot. Only the hardcore versus fans will want it and that’s not nearly enough to make a profit.
    Oh and lastly, the people who developed it won’t want to do it either since they were already weary of it when XV launched. Oh and the KH team aren’t gonna do it because they’re busy with KH3’s DLC and likely some KH4/spinoff Nomura is planning.

  • Patrick Bateman

    i had to do the same with my reply lol it wasn’t even at who i was replying to, i just have a potty mouth when i talk/type, looks like the Discus Algorithm is a little…strict lol.

  • NoctLightCloud

    They’ve already done a glorious reboot: XIV. I’ve been playing XIV for 5 years. That game is probably the best MMO on the market right now. No one complained about the reboot of XIV.
    XV was not really good (just like the original XIV), so only a minority will call it a lazy rehash if they actually pull another A Realm Reborn here. Who will complain if we get something better?
    Even if they decided to completely reboot Dissidia NT, hardly anyone would complain if the result actually turns out to be great, just like XIV, and if the critics and a positive reception pull in new buyers. I don’t know why a reboot would be a bad/impossible idea. Since you mentioned profits: when it comes to making profit, reusing assets is even the best way to go.
    The demand for Versus internally and externally is huge, much more than other recent games which all sold well. Just look around on the internet.
    How do you know that the people who worked on Versus won’t be part of a possible reboot? Do you have access to internal information or sources? Cause artists are usually very attached to their projects. They don’t give up so easily, no matter what the higher-ups decide. Some artists even cry or have other deep emotions when it comes to year-long projects. As an artist myself, I can not agree with your statement, since grudges are not usual in the arts sector if you are finally given the chance to actually finish a beloved project. People are much more professional than you think.

    I know a guy who had worked in the Osaka unit until last year (he got a better payed offer by Capcom), I will meet him in Osaka next month for a cup or ramen. If you don’t believe me, I can describe to you what the KH3 department, the HR dept and the cafeteria in the building look like, and you can google around to try find your proof, if you are so keen on sources. He has told me that there is an optimism and a “fresh wind” within the company. And that there is a lot of staff from Nomura’s former team who still don’t want to give up on Versus. But you guys can keep on trying to convince me that seemingly no staff, no fans and no general audience is interested in a reboot at all. As if your opinion and perception aplies to the masses.
    The past can tell you a lot. We got a Lightning trilogy and Duodecim – they all used the same assets as their base games, yet no one called those games lazy.
    (Sorry for my long text, I do not want you to see this as a “rant”. Not at all.)

  • Artemis Polara

    Okay the examples you’ve all said were sequels or prequels. A realm Reborn was justified as a sequel to XIV 1.0 and it 1.0 was such a terrible failure that they had to do that. It continued the story. (Also XV has not been seen as such a failure) The XIII trilogy also was done as a followup due to so many leftover/scrapped assets and even then they retconned XIII’s ending) (Lazily so) (And even then to diminishing returns) (Also Motomu Toriyama couldn’t let go of Lightning). Dissidia 012 was a prequel with the entire original game mixed in. (Still surprised they fit that on a single UMD) and NT is set after Dissidia. None of these replaced the original games. What Versus would be would be an outright reboot. Replacing the story and universe that XV portrayed.

    Also huge demand externally? I’ve not seen it. And I do look around. I’ve seen the occasional people complaining about not getting Versus but they’re few are far in between. In fact most complaints I’ve seen weren’t about Versus but about the cancelled DLCs.
    As for internally, Tabata was the one who spoke of the worn out nature of his dev team when XV was coming out. Having to build on the scraps of another game in less time than an open world game needs for development while also developing the engine for it, yeah that’s totally good for the morale of the crew. Also the notion of having to redo years of work wouldn’t make the people who worked on XV resentful, now would it?

    By the way as an artist also I do understand being attached to my works but I also know that whatever product is released is what it is and I need to move on. Versus was released as XV, whether you like it or not. Denying it for what could’ve been isn’t healthy. Nomura is clearly passionate about his work but he needs to move on from the idea of Versus. Shoving Verum Rex into KH is proof alone he hasn’t. By the way not holding grudges? Ummm… Nomura is clearly holding a grudge. I really wished people stopped enabling him.

    Also the teams don’t get to decide what they work on, the higher ups do. And the fact that they took Nomura off the project in the first place means quite a bit.

    Really to sum everything up here… Versus is done. I can be curious about what could’ve been but I’m tired of the idea of it being dragged on. I got XV and a billion “leaks” on what Versus would’ve been. Versus XV won’t happen. Nomura himself won’t do it since he’s bitter about being taken off of it. The fact that he made Verum Rex proves it. He won’t make Versus XIII/XV. He’s just going to make his KH-ified version. And I’m annoyed since those rebranded ideas don’t belong in KH. Also Nomura’s a bad writer.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Quoting Tabata is questionable. Not because of Tabata, but because of things that the company made him say in interviews which later proved to be totally wrong. (Of course they made him say that “Versus is XV” and that “nothing was cut or altered”, while we even have officially released trailers to prove that wrong.) I am not saying that it’s his fault, just that the higher ups decide. Just as you said. Your comment is contradicting itself. The higher ups wouldn’t even care if his team was tired. Or if Nomura is holding a grudge. And those Japanese dev teams are MUCH more professional than you think, I’ve already said it once. Even my friend refuses to tell me everything, although he is not with them anymore.
    The higher ups have given a green light for Verum Rex to appear in KH3. Since you mentioned your profound knowledge of rumours: the existence of Verum Rex in KH3 was already leaked last October. What leaks were you reading? Fan fiction?

    And the fact that Verum Rex even gets people excited says a lot. The demand externally IS there, just look on YouTube, on Twitter…. And who says Versus wouldn’t tie in to a sequel, just like XIV? It doesn’t have to scrap XV’s existence.
    And “you are annoyed” is not a valid reason for it to not happen, it only makes you appear childish and selfish. KH is their creation and they can do whatever they want with it. Just like FF is their creation and they decided to do a crossover with Disney back in the days, or an all-star fighting game like Dissidia. That’s so-called “creative freedom” at it’s best. I therefore heavily doubt that you’re an artist because of that notion of yours. They can do whatever they want with their franchises.

    You have too many of the “X will happen, Y won’t happen” in your statements without any proof, but just your gut feeling combined with derived logic from sources that are usually chosen to be distributed to us. You ignore things I tell you, and I don’t want to repeat myself here either. I know enough from my friend (the ex-employee) to believe in it. There is no valid reason for me to make this up. I gain nothing from making things up in a random comment section.
    I think you will come back in 1~2 years and read this again, and think in a different light. I am out, since it’s frustrating to chat with nay-sayers only because they don’t want a project to be finished again because of annoyance and weariness on a personal level.

  • Artemis Polara

    Verum Rex will happen certainly in some form but Versus won’t. Lastly given how much they’ve spent on XV, I doubt they’d want to waste anymore for diminishing returns.
    The only real part of that which bugged me is saying I’m not an artist. I’ve been drawing for over 20 years since I was a little kid, I sell art online all the time. The irony now is before now I wasn’t insulting you and you stoop to this sort of tactic. You’ve only proven to me now that this argument is a waste of time. You’ve lost credibility to me by going from making arguments to insulting the other party.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I think you will come back in 1~2 years and read this again, and think in a different light. I am out, since it’s frustrating to chat with nay-sayers only because they don’t want a project to be finished again because of annoyance and weariness on a personal level.

    why do you keep saying that lmfao….. again, not everyone has to agree with you LOL you need to chill. If you’re right, awesome, congrats! if not i mean who cares? You strongly think we’ll see Versus in 1-2 years, some of us don’t. This “argument” went on for waay too long and wasn’t even necessary, it didn’t have to be an argument, what started as 2 people just disagreeing turned into an argument because you’re instigating and aggressively trying to prove us wrong LOL “Weariness on a personal level” I mean you’ve pretty much just described what someones PERSONAL opinion is, what’s wrong with that? Go light a joint and play some games lol relax.