Yoshinori Kitase talks Final Fantasy VIII Remastered in Famitsu interview By Raptorchan on June 19, 2019 at 4:39 PM

In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, the original director of Final Fantasy VIII, Yoshinori Kitase, had few interesting tidbits to share regarding the recently announced remaster of Final Fantasy VIII, which is scheduled to be released this year on all modern consoles, including PC.

Translations provided by bk2128 on Twitter and Siliconera:

  • Hiroshi Harada (The original battle programmer), Tomohiro Kayano (character model designer) and Tetsuya Nomura are all involved in the Remastered project.
  • “The character refinement quality is the result of having the original staff work on it.”
  • Battle assistance is going to be added to the Remaster.
  • Chocobo World will not be included. Instead, the items you could get from it will be available through a special ability Rinoa has.
  • “Final Fantasy VIII was the first work that we’ve used motion capture on. At the time we didn’t know how things worked, so we made the actor use a heavy gun. Looking back now, I get the cold sweats thinking about any worst case scenario accidents that could’ve happened.”
  • “Final Fantasy VIII has had its share of influence in Hollywood entertainment, be it a game screen shown in a Hollywood movie or an offer we got last year from a major video game-related film that wanted to use the Gunblade.”
  • Triple the speed.
  • Combat is also enhanced. (Max HP & ATB, can always use special moves)
  • No encounter.
  • PC only features:
    • the ability to obtain all items, abilities, special moves and cards.
    • Max GF level, gil and Magic
    • Detailed customization in system settings.

Sources: Twitter, Siliconera

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is scheduled to release in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam(PC).


  • Andrei Longen

    Thanks for this. I just wish we had a date.
    And I’m so looking forward to getting my platinum trophy on this! ^^

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    Give. Me. A. Release. Date!

  • James Stine

    I’m excited for the release date as well. I haven’t actually finished VIII myself, but I’m on the 4th disc on my PS3. Unfortunately, my hard drives got corrupted somehow, so I’m pretty sure I lost all those save files…

  • Thom Kristiansen

    Not a fan of the new “animefied” character model of Squall. I certainly hope they refine it at least and make him look more like the from the FMV’s and original artworks.
    I’m very happy Nomura and other staff are involved though.

  • I like anime so I’m good with it.
    I’m tired of realism being added to most once anime-styled RPGs.

  • I hoped they would remove the draw magic system. I hate having magic be like an item. I hated it in XV too. Just give me MP and spells they learn from working with summons. Like FF6.

  • I rather have a fully remade FF6 with voice acting.

  • Quester

    At the expense of what? Tossing out the unique design the game was shipped with is a disservice to the people who were invested in and attached to those particular characters and the way they are represented in the cutscenes. They should approach this in the same way they have in FFIX, where the model upgrades are a simple retexture and a slight polycount raise.

    What’s more, in another comment you mentioned how you wish they lifted the draw magic system and from that I I can assume you don’t really know what a remaster is. That is an integral mechanic to the game which maybe you just never fully grasped.

  • Quester

    Squall’s model looks soooo bland now. What have done to my favorite character??

  • I’ve played the game at least 4 times. But the way the magic works never spoke to me. Magic felt like an item. That’s why other than 15 they never did this again. I know remastered means they just upgrade the look of the game then shovel in back out to make money based on nostalgia. But I feel like it would be best to just fully remake 8. I’ve heard for a while that it had story elements that they never got to fully finish like rumors of Ultimecias identity and the way the world is in the future. But mostly I think the magic and limit breaks need to be re-handled. And maybe add some unique skills to the cast beyond just limit breaks.

    But all they costs money. They don’t want to spend that much or they would have remade a bunch of games by now. Like 6. So tall can have this remastered version. I’m gonna pass. And stick to newer stuff. I want Square to move forward and not just try to doll up and re-package the same games over and over. When PS5 comes out will it be time to pump out a remaster of 9 or 5? Smh