Final Fantasy XIV’s ‘The Rising’ event shares letters from the team to players By Tony Garsow on August 29, 2019 at 10:59 PM

Final Fantasy XIV‘s relaunch A Realm Reborn celebrates its sixth birthday this week, and to coincide, The Rising seasonal event has returned to the game. Amusingly, the catch this time is cleaning up after the previous Moonfire Faire seasonal event, which takes place along the beaches of Costa Del Sol in Eastern La Noscea.

While sifting through the garbage, you can come across bottled messages from NPCs from around Eorzea, including ones from the game’s developers who playfully remain “in character.” In many of these heartfelt writings, different developers and teams thank players for the continued support of the game.

In the video below, we’ve collected all eighteen for your viewing pleasure. Should you desire to participate in The Rising seasonal event, it will continue now through September 17th. Viewing the messages will bestow upon you “Rising Tokens,” which can be exchanged for the game’s Rising-themed fireworks and wall-mounted furnishings bearing the keyart for each of the Stormblood patches.