Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia autumn celebration begins By Raptorchan on October 10, 2019 at 8:22 PM

Square Enix’s hit mobile title Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is celebrating the arrival of autumn by offering players new story quests, in-game rewards and special limited-time promotions that include first free-draw banners, Start-Dash campaigns, a special Halloween themed event and more.

The autumn celebration update includes the following:

  • Free Multi-Draws: The first Multi-Draw from the Story Draw Banner (From now through October 28) and the first Multi-Draw from the Event Banner (October 14 – 28) will be free to all players
  • New Story Quests: Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Noel can be added to player rosters by playing through the new story chapter “Will of the Hunters.”
  • Return of a Limited-Time character Event: Locke, from Final Fantasy VI, will return through a limited-time character event starting today and lasting through October 28. Players who missed out on Locke’s previous event can now add him to their rosters, and all players can obtain gems and other character upgrade materials by playing through his event quests and completing limited-time missions.
  • Start-Dash Campaigns begin and run through November 7, and will include:
    • EX Token Exchange: Players can earn tokens by clearing special daily Event Missions through October 19. Earning 10 tokens allows players to exchange them for one EX weapon of their choice through a limited selection featuring popular characters such as Cloud, Squall, Noctis and several others.
    • Start-Dash Draw: The first Multi Draw from this special banner will be free to all players, and features 5-star weapons for Cloud, Lightning and Squall. New players who start after November 7 can perform free Multi Draws within 7 days of completing the beginner mission “Equip an ally with a weapon.”
    • Daily Missions: “During the campaign period, players can earn additional rewards including shards, crystals, clusters and high shards by completing daily missions. All Cycle Quests will also feature double rewards, and the World of Illusions: Carbuncle’s Treasures will be open for players to earn additional rewards.”
    • Mog’s Gym: A beginner-friendly feature that helps new players learn the game’s basics has been extended. Mog’s Gym yields Training Medals upon completion that can be exchanged for chocobo tail feathers, higher power orbs, higher guard orbs, shards, crystals, clusters and high shards.

Additionally, from now through November 7, players can take part in an in-game Autumn Festival and participate in Trick-or-Treat co-op quests to earn Artifact Tokens which can be used to upgrade characters. During this period, players can also use Dissidia Points to obtain limited-time animated Halloween stickers for use in co-op.

Noel Trailer

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available now as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android devices.