FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 TGS Xbox Version PV Details

By now, you’ve probably already seen the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer.

If you haven’t, you can view it here. What you might not have known, however, is that Square-Enix in fact produced two separate PVs: one for PlayStation 3 and one for the Xbox 360 version. While Sony is currently streaming theirs online, and on the PS3’s XMB menu, Microsoft has as of yet to release anything on their end.

Those who attended Tokyo Game Show itself were able to see both videos in motion. The following is a translation of a report from the event:

Much like the PS3 version, the Xbox PV begins with an event scene.

Kaias, the man with the purple hair and dark sword, readies his weapon and says, “Beautiful pain; let the feast begin.” The red stone in the sword’s handle starts to make a sound like something is breaking open. The sword becomes surrounded by a purple mist. The man waves the sword, pointing it upward and then swinging it down. He then jumps into the sky.

Lightning, wearing mysterious armor, appears. She’s slashing her sword horizontally, with feathers flying everywhere.

With his back to Serah, Noel starts to speak, “We were born during a period of destruction. I was the last child left behind. All of my comrades died one by one, and when I was the last remaining survivor, I knew that I wasn’t able to fulfill everyone’s wishes.”

Kaias and the girl with the veil, known as Yuru, are at a gate. Kaias says, “Is the dawn visible?” Yuru replies, “…depends on the heart… of the two.”

Some kind of interface system is on screen, search Lightning’s arm. On her left arm, a l’Cie mark(?) is detected.

Somewhere in a developed metropolitan area, people in front of Noel and Serah begin emitting light. Continuously, one by one they become Cie’th. Kaias appears behind Noel and Serah, warning them, “You two are the spear and shield [conflict and dilemma]. I will have to make you disappear.”

Yuru points to Serah and says, “You and I are the same… You will surely be guided.”

Noel, through the crack in time and space (?) moves toward Serah and says, “Every time we cross the gate, I’m sure we’re getting closer and closer to Lightning. Believe this, now.”

Many battle scenes in different places now appear, including caith sith and chocobo QTEs.

Noel readies his sword and shouts, “Give up, Kaias!”
Kaias, “Sorry to tell you, unfortunately this body cannot die!”

Somewhere in a facility, there’s machinery surrounding a room.
Yuru says, “Beyond death, encompassing all memory of all time, he, Kais will definitely never die.”
In shock, Noel replies, “His body can’t die?!”

Slicing her sword downward, Lightning appears riding Sleipnir. This scene is in CG.
Kaias yells, “Shout the joy of the battle!” Swinging his sword toward the ground, he dashes forward. Lightning jumps upward to dodge.

Kaias remarks, “Impressive.”
Lightning, “Stop fooling around.”

The two move toward each other, and their swords clash.

Noel holds the girl that fainted.
Yuru, “If I live, time will be in dilemma.” In front of them, Serah is crying. “For us to activate the Paradox, Yuru became the substitute…”

In a barren place, Kaias looks at Noel standing with one of his hands on the ground. Kaias swings his sword and stabs Noel in the back.

Noel falls in place with blood flowing.

The trailer ends with the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 logo, and release date of December 15, 2011.

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