FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Will Last You 30-40 Hours, Has Save Game Bonuses

Famitsu once again has FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 coverage this week.

The majority of things said we already know, but several things were confirmed, such as the game’s length and game data save plans.

XIII-2 looks to be somewhat shorter than its predecessor, clocking in around 30-40 hours on your first playthrough, although equal in volume to FINAL FANTASY XIII. The game is divided into chapters, which take 2-3 hours each to complete. Replay value is found in the Historia Crux system, which allows you to reverse time. If you experiment enough, you might find some of the game’s Paradox Endings.

By finishing the game, you can reload directly before the final boss(similar to FFXIII), and use the Historia Crux to replay through areas New Game + style.

If you have a save data file from the previous game, you’ll be awarded with some sort of in-game item, along with wallpaper image(s).

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