Time has an influence on the game design in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Today’s topic is “time.”

It’s easy to understand when you compare it to real life. You wake up in the morning and then commute to work or school. And then in the afternoon, people enjoy different lifestyles through lunch or playing sports. In the evening you can go out somewhere to have a drink, or go home to watch TV – it’s an every day cycle. A time cycle like this is also present in the title LRFFXIII. What kind of lifestyle will Lightning take in her travels? It’s up to everyone to guide her. Of course, many monsters exist in the world of LRFFXIII. At night, the amount of enemies will increase and even staying in the cities will not be safe. For this project, “time” has influenced a new game design.

The Lightning Returns Facebook page has also reached over 5200 likes as of today. The team promises to share even more information in the near future so stay tuned.

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