New images and artwork of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, with new character Lumina

Square Enix has released some new images and artwork for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

These are accompanied by the game’s newly announced release timeframe of Autumn 2013. New screens show off recently revealed character Lumina, as well as a sampling of the many costumes Lightning will be able to utilize in the game.

There are many types of garbs, each with their own parameters. A tactical set consists of equipment such as garb and a weapon, along with assigned abilities. During battle, you can swap between three different sets customized to suit your needs. Changing garbs also changes Lightning’s look, so both its utility and aesthetics can be enjoyed.

Lumina is a mysterious girl who appears in front of Lightning at every turn. Her unpredictable nature wrecks havoc everywhere she goes. A helpful friend or mischievous foe? This capricious little demon plays with Lightning and the rest of the world as if they were toys.

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