Square Enix files trademark for Final Fantasy Agito

A new trademark has popped up in Japanese databases suggesting Final Fantasy “Agito” may live on in some form.

On April 24, 2013 Square Enix filed for a trademark for FINAL FANTASY AGITO – the description for which clearly identifies as some sort of video game software.

For those that remember, Square Enix renamed Final Fantasy Agito XIII – originally announced in 2006 for feature phones, then moved to PSP in 2008 – to Final Fantasy Type-0 in 2011. Despite the rename, however, the game itself still makes many uses and references to the term “Agito.” Could this new registration signal some sort of movement?

Whether or not this is simply Square Enix covering their bases remains to be seen. FF Type-0 still remains unreleased overseas, but the trademark’s Japanese origins suggest that the company might be working on some sort of spin-off or other side product in relation to the original idea for “Agito XIII.”

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