Gil is now a lot easier to come by in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

As with anything in development, games often change over time and Lightning Returns has undergone some of its own as well.

In the months since the original reveal several gameplay tweaks have taken place. According to Japanese magazines this week, we now have more information on the game’s time mechanic. If you recall, Lightning will have 13 days to save the world and everything she does will steal it away that much quicker – with some exceptions.

Browsing around in menus is immune to time, for one. Secondly, time will also stop when you’re in battle so don’t worry about having to rush through each fight.

Previously, it was said that gil (money) would be a lot harder to obtain in Lightning Returns, but now it seems fallen enemies will drop it freely. Lightning’s HP will no longer automatically recover after battles as in FFXIII, however, if you prefer not to use items she’ll slowly recover some just by standing around on the field. Other ways she can recover health include using items and utilizing an inn or restaurant – of course, these things are not free.

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