Here's a look at Y'shtola in the new Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV has a bit of representation in the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade release with the inclusion of Y’shtola – a character who is important to the main scenario in the game and one that relies on the use of white magicks.

During today’s Letter from the Producer Live, FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida showed off a teaser for the new game, giving fans a brief look at how she plays along with a new version of the song “Torn from the Heavens.”

While Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently set to release in arcades in Japan this Fall, the game is being developed with collaborations by both Koei Tecmo and Sony with the latter providing the PS4-base hardware. The game will be exclusive to arcades for a year, but after that it’s likely to head to PS4 as well.

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