Tabata talks more about magic in Final Fantasy XV and Regis' redesign

In a recent interview by Spieletester with the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata discusses more about magic and how it’s handled, Kings Regis’ redesign and the dog, which was shown in the ‘Dawn’ trailer.

We’ve compiled a summary of the interview from Spieletester with Hajime Tabata:

  • The reason wasn’t that King Regis previous design didn’t fit in the game, Tabata actually liked it and said that they have a good reason for it, though it’s a huge spoiler for the rest of the game so they won’t tell you why yet. They are going to reveal what’s not the case soon.
  • Magic is usually activated by special rings the characters will be able to wear. It won’t come from the characters hands, instead you will manipulate the elements in the environment.
  • There are two types of magic in the game. One of them being that only those from the Lucis family can use.
  • Magic is about 60% complete. It works in-game, though they aren’t happy with the visual effects yet.
  • The dog featured in the ‘Dawn’ trailer is a messenger for one of the characters.

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