More details about the World of Final Fantasy soundtrack

Since details about the joyful World of Final Fantasy game are quite sparse, we were very happy to sit down with the game’s composer Masashi Hamauzu and German pianist Benyamin Nuss in an exclusive interview.

Talking with the help of translator Manuel Chillagano, Masashi Hamauzu expressed he is not the kind of composer, who tickles the ivories right from the start. He spends a lot of time planning and thinking about the soundtrack.

“Most of the soundtracks I composed were created for games with a rather dark and severe setting. Now we got all this happiness and the cute characters and at first I was a bit unsure, but in the end I could approach the game very positively,” Hamauzu told Nova Crystallis.

Works on the soundtrack are already completed and Hamauzu provided original compositions, as well as re-arranged tracks from previous Final Fantasy games. He revealed to us that about 50 tracks on the soundtrack for World of Final Fantasy were created by him with additional tracks by other composers.

While Hamauzu was still quite mum about the involvement of other composers and artists, he mentioned that German pianist Benyamin Nuss belonged to the team and played a complex and difficult song. The 26-year old pianist dedicated his debut album Nuss Plays Uematsu to the Final Fantasy game series, played for the international concert series Symphonic Fantasies, Distant Worlds as well as on the game soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 Remix and Legend of Legacy. Benyamin Nuss is currently on tour with A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy.

Learn more about the two musicians in our exclusive video-interview, which will be released soon at Nova Crystallis.

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