Final Fantasy XIV is getting a live action series based on a true story

Square Enix is putting together a live action drama series based on a real story that happened in Final Fantasy XIV. Titled “Final Fantasy XIV Daddy of Light”, the drama will begin broadcast on MBS/TBS in Japan this April. Japanese actors Yudai Chiba and Ren Oosugi will be playing the part of the main characters.

This drama coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy mainline series and is inspired by the story of a father and son’s relationship that gradually changes due to their encounters in Final Fantasy XIV. The drama series will feature the real game, showing what it’s like to participate in the online game world.

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According to the original blog, “The Father of Light” focuses on the story of a father and son who have issues communicating. The son, who plays FFXIV and wants to get in on some friend referral bonuses, gets his 60-year-old father to join the game after receiving a PS4 from his wife as a birthday present. The son helps him create a character and eventually joins him on his adventure through the game, helping him out without revealing his true identity.

Via: CinemaToday.

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