Final Fantasy XIV presents: Tactics Alexander

It’s April 1 in Japan and that means it’s time for another year where game companies tease us with things we can’t really have. This time Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team have cobbled together a play on Tactics Ogre – Yasumi Matsuno’s masterpiece and one of producer/director Naoki Yoshida’s all-time favorites.

The theme is none other than FFXIV‘s own Alexander, the high-end raid that saw its conclusion with the launch of Patch 3.4. Can our heroes stand up to the likes of The Creator and uncover the mysteries hidden deep within Alexander’s hull? Only time will tell…

This isn’t the first Final Fantasy XIV has spoofed other games or game eras either. Previously we saw old-school knock-offs such as “Tataru’s Adventure” and “Super Titan Extreme“. The team also created their own Street Fighter-style video with the release of “Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV“.

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