Yuji Horii teases "some sort of announcement" for Dragon Quest XI coming soon

During the “Dragon Quest The Real” event at Universal Studios Japan, series creator Yuji Horri teased an announcement soon to be made for Dragon Quest XI.

Below is his quote:

“All of the staff are currently working really hard making the game,” Horii said regarding Dragon Quest XI. “I think that we’ll be able to make an announcement of some sort soon, so please look forward to it.”

Way back in January during Dragon Quest’s 30th Anniversary Project Presentation, Horii expressed his wishes to release Dragon Quest XI before the series’ anniversary year ends on May 27, 2017. Considering the window for that possible release is closing in, chances are that “sort of announcement” could very well be the release date.

Dragon Quest XI is due to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS in 2017. Square Enix has confirmed a Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

Via: Gematsu, Lmaga, Games Talk.

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