Update: Various Daylife receives a launch trailer

The recently announced Various Daylife, a new mobile RPG title from Square Enix for the Apple Arcade, received a brand-new launch trailer to coincide with the game’s official release for iOS devices. An official website and Japanese Twitter account were launched as well. You can find the launch trailer, screenshots and key art located below.

Below is a list of key features available for Various Daylife, via Gematsu and Square Enix:

  • The story: In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, you live the life of a colonist exploring a newly-discovered continent of Antoecia, where you must band together with fellow newly arrivals to explore the land and develop the settlement of Erebia.
  • Expeditions: Embark with computer controlled allies to uncover the secrets of Antoecia and earn valuable rewards, but players must strategize carefully as they can only take a limited number of items with them on their journeys. Explore dangerous areas, battle hostile beast men, brave the elements and obtain materials to upgrade and expand your settlement to gain access to additional characters, storylines and more.
  • Jobs: There are over 20 Jobs to choose from in Various Daylife, which include familiar roles like Warrior and Cleric, and original jobs like Politician and Server, which are obtained through the storyline. Players can increase their skills in each job by completing over 100 different work tasks, providing a customizable playstyle.
  • Battle system: Various Daylife continues the tradition of Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default with its unique battle system. Players can leverage the “three CHAs” to inflict large amounts of damage upon enemies: “CHANGE,” or inflict status effects; “CHAIN,” or working with allies to link status effects; and “CHANCE,” to deliver a powerful final attack.

Created by the minds behind Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler, Various Daylife is available exclusively for iOS devices utilizing the new monthly gaming service Apple Arcade. While it has a subscription fee of $4.99 USD, the first month will be free according to Apple.

English Launch Trailer

Japanese Launch Trailer


Key Art

Sources: Gematsu

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