On-going support for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to discontinue in March

Earlier today during an update livestream event, the development team behind Dissidia Final Fantasy NT revealed that support for both Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade are officially coming to an end. The last major update for the Arcade version will occur on February 20, and for NT, the last update will be on March 5, 2020. Meaning that, following these specific dates, the games will no longer receive regular content updates.

According to the translations provided by RPGsite, producer Ichiro Hazama reassured players that while continued support would cease, online service would still continue to run across all platforms, allowing for continued online play for a time. However, it was clarified that online services will “eventually end,” but players will be informed of that when “the time is near.”

As for the future of Dissidia, the development team made clear that, at this time, there are currently no plans for a sequel.

“We don’t want to make false anticipations, so we want to make it clear that right now there are no plans for a [Dissidia Final Fantasy] 2 at all,” director Takeo Kujiraoka explained.

The last major updates to the game will not only see some character balancing and monster summons, but also the addition of two new outfits for both The Emperor and Cloud of Darkness, which can be seen below. Additionally, it was mentioned that if some balance-breaking issues were discovered in the final update, the development team promised to work on a minor update to re-balance the game.

The Emperor (3rd Outfit & 5th Weapon DLC)

Cloud of Darkness (3rd Outfit & 5th Weapon DLC)

Sources: RPGsite

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