Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition won't have offline co-op

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is a game that can be played as a single player title or cooperatively with others, just as in the 2003 GameCube original. Back then, you could string up four GameBoy Advance handhelds with link cables for couch co-op without an internet connection. However, according to the official Japanese twitter, it seems you’ll need an online connection to recreate the same setup in 2020.

Of course, the world’s changed a little bit since 2003. The ubiquitousness of smartphones and wireless internet paired with the Remastered Edition‘s ability to play together across PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android trades off the link cables with a need to connect to the internet.

The 2020 update will also bring new features like voice acting, additional customization options, more difficult content, and more. A free demo version will also be available at launch to try-before-you-buy.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles arrives worldwide on August 27th for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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