Red chocobo returns to terrorize Final Fantasy XIV players once again

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.35 released this week, bringing with it our first foray into the Bozjan Southern Front in an effort to liberate it from the Garlean Empire’s control. This content serves as a new chapter following the Return to Ivalice alliance raid series, which brought in Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII creator Yasumi Matsuno to pen its story. In fact, completing the Return to Ivalice series is required to enter this content, as it picks on some lingering threads left hanging.

The content itself is an iteration of the Forbidden Land Eureka from the Stormblood patch series. You’re set loose in a large zone with a variety of objectives, which may have you grinding monsters to gain experience points and flocking from FATE to FATE. Bozja streamlines the experience to a certain extent a bit and imparts a bit more of a structure to its field events, allowing for more exciting “Critical Engagements” and follow-up “Duels” at the expense of a queue system. It’s possible to queue for an engagement and miss out — but there’s enough built into the backend that you aren’t mired in downtime should such a situation arise. It feels a bit easier to get into, yet more involved than the Eureka series.

One such critical engagement features Red Comet, the red chocobo, whose desire for destruction and carnage knows no bounds. Yes, the Warrior of Light and Darkness has met their match. You can watch my pitiful first attempt below — please forgive the missed rotations. It’s just a lot of meteors, you know? Anyway, go team.

Red chocobos have a legacy of terrorizing fans, first appearing in Final Fantasy Tactics as meteor-dropping moodkillers, then again in Final Fantasy XII with a 1/256 change to even spawn them. They even appear earlier on in the Return to Ivalice series as part of an quest chain, dropping skybombs quicker than unaware players may expect, with vulnerability down debuffs in tow.

Aside from events in Bozja, Patch 5.35 adds Resistance weapon quests to upgrade specific gear, new wards and subdivisions to housing, and the A Realm Reborn series arrives in New Game+, now making the main scenario wholly replayable from beginning to the conclusion of Patch 5.0.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. It was recently announced that it will be compatible with PlayStation 5.

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