Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 61 Summary - Patch 5.4 out December 8, trailer released

In the 61st Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida and global community manager Toshio Murouchi continued previewing Patch 5.4 content, which will arrive December 8, 2020.

Titled “Futures Rewritten,” the main scenario will continue, along with updates to the Eden raid series, the Sorrow of Werlyt scenario, and more.

We’ve summarized the major information below — check it out!

Patch 5.4 Trailer

Patch 5.4 Content & Features

  • Patch 5.4 arrives on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

  • New main scenario quests will be added.

  • A new Level 80 instanced dungeon called Matoya’s Relict will be added. It will be compatible with the Trust system.

  • The Sorrows of Werlyt scenario will continue with a trial versus the Emerald Weapon in Castrum Marinum. An Extreme-difficulty version will also be added.

  • The Eden raid series will continue with Eden’s Promise. It requires completion of the main scenario quest through Patch 5.3. A Savage-difficulty version will also be added.

  • Patch 5.45: The Save the Queen scenario will continue with the instanced duty Delburum Reginae.

  • Various job adjustments will be implemented.

  • Patch 5.45: Blue Mage will be updated with a new level cap of 70, new spells, exclusive gear, and new duties in the Blue Mage log. The Duty Finder will be updated where you can select an undersized party and keep the level sync on.

  • Regarding crafters and gatherers, less frequently used actions will be adjusted. A new crafting condition will be added for certain expert recipes. Collectable and aetherial reduction systems have been revamped. Elevation of gathering points can be discerned on the map. Fish Eyes will be adjusted.

    Fish Eyes will no longer be required to catch fish. The difficulty of catching certain fish will be adjusted. The updated action will instead allow players to ignore the time requirement for catching fish. Affects fish in areas introduced prior to Stormblood. Will be made to affect more fish in future updates.

    Ocean Fishing will be updated with new routes and objectives. Solo missions will be added to each expedition, as well as other adjustments.

    Ishgardian Restoration will be updated in Patch 5.41 where the restoration will be concluded. The Skybuilders’ leaderboard will also return.

    Skysteel Tools will be updated in Patch 5.45.

  • Explorer Mode will be added for certain dungeons.

  • The current Unreal Trial (Akh-Afah Amphitheatre) will be swapped for The Navel featuring Titan.

  • The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah treasure map dungeons will be added.

  • A new ruleset and tournament modes for Triple Triad will be added.

  • Quick matches will be added to the Gold Saucer’s Doman Mahjong mini-game.

    Miscellaneous Updates:
  • Allagan tomestones of revelation will be added.
  • Level sync can be enabled or disabled separately from the Undersized Party option.
  • New violin instruments will be added to the performance feature.
  • Bulk Advanced Materia melding will be added.
  • The ability to link quests in the chat window will be added.
  • When you completed all the Role Quests in 5.0 there was an additional quest afterwards. A new quest has been added after that, and will require completion of the Warring Triad series from the Heavensward expansion.

New Gear

Eden’s Promise

The team previewed the first floor of Eden’s Promise, the new eight-player raid in the Eden series. This battle is against the Cloud of Darkness, but not the one found in the Crystal Tower series.

The design is based on the Dissidia Final Fantasy series illustration by Tetsuya Nomura, who has also designed the final boss for Eden’s Promise. That design is being kept secret for now. An arrangement of “Don’t Be Afraid” from Final Fantasy VIII appears here — there’s a story reason for that.

Yoshida says the Savage difficulty version will have a similar progression as previous tiers but the third floor may be a barrier for groups to surpass.

Blue Mage

A look at some new Blue Mage spells and gear in Patch 5.4.

Job Adjustments

Monk‘s Greased Lightning has been changed from a status effect to a trait. It no longer increases damage dealt. As a result, action potencies and effects have been adjusted. The effects of actions that maintained or consumed stacks of Greased Lightning have been adjusted.

For example: Form Shift grants “Formless Fist” status, allowing execution of actions regardless of form. Tornado Kick can now be used at any time. Potency/recast time adjusted. Six-sided Star will now increases movement speed for a short duration.

Triple Triad

Triple Triad is a card battle game originally featured in Final Fantasy VIII. It’s been adapted for Final Fantasy XIV with a variety of rules and cards.

You’ll be able to find unregistered cards easier due to the card list being revamped. Unregistered cards will be marked with a question mark, with hints on where they can be obtained displayed as you progress through the game.

Deck restrictions have been ease where the rarity of cards affects how many can be placed in your deck. After Patch 5.4 no restrictions on 1-3 star cards. Only one 4 star or higher card is permitted. This applies regardless of how many cards you have registered.

A new advanced rule has been added, which alters the way a Triple Triad match is played. “Draft” will restrict access to their individual decks and must instead play using randomly provided cards.

Open Tournaments will be added — they’re held every two hours with rewards to offer participants. You will have 30 minutes to register at the Gold Saucer. Players are matched in groups of eight, earning as many points as possible within three matches. In the event there are less than eight players, NPC participants will fill remaining spots.

Invitational Tournaments are formed freely between players, with no rewards on offer to participants. Players can register to participate via the Duty Finder. Like open tournaments, players must earn as many points as possible within three matches. In the event there are less than eight players, NPC participants will fill remaining spots. Up to four advanced rules can be set by the party leader.

Unreal Trials

The Navel trial will replace The Akh-Afah Amphiteatre for Unreal Trials. This will pit you against a version of Titan that is scaled up for Level 80 and current gear.

Castrum Marinum

You’ll face off against the Emerald Weapon in Castrum Marinum as part of The Sorrows of Werlyt scenario.

The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah

Treasure maps will grant a chance to enter a new dungeon called the Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah. How far you progress will depend on luck, and there will be new rewards available here.


Botanist and miner collectable changes include items specifically designated as colletables that will always be gathered as such. Significant changes have been made to the collectables system. Following the changes made to collectables, the items requested by the House of Splendors and expert deliveries have been changed. Note that there is a chance collectables gathered prior to Patch 5.4 won’t be accepted.

“Wear” has been removed, and actions used to increase collectability have been revamped. Players must increase collectability while being mindful of remaining integrity of the node. Adjustments have been made to ensure higher gathering and perception attributes allow for more efficient gathering of collectables.

Regarding aetherial reduction changes, the location and number of ephemeral gathering points in each area has been adjusted. Value no longer ranked based on purity. Will now yield a greater variety of items based on collectability. The number of items yielded by aetherial reduction has been adjusted.

Ocean Fishing

Ocean Fishing will be updated with new routes and objectives. Solo missions will be added to each expedition, as well as other adjustments.

Ishgardian Restoration

The fourth phase of the restoration begins in Patch 5.41. The restoration is schedule to reach completion. Skybuilder Rankings will reopen and new items will count toward your seasonal score. Top ranked crafters and gatherers will receive the same title as before but new achievements. This will be the final ranking coinciding with the conclusion of the Ishgardian restoration.

Monument Construction will happen during the next ranking, the scores of all crafters will be tallied based on class. A momument will honor the crafting class with the highest combined score. The monument to crafters, placed in the Firmament, will depict the winning class’s tool. Each World may have a different monument, and it’s purely aesthetic.

Explorer Mode

Freely explore dungeons you’ve previously completed. Players will be able to explore dungeons added in the 5.x series, with more to be added in the future. No enemies will appear, and all obstacles will be cleared. Mounts, minions, and fashion accessories will be allowed during excursions. Striking dummies can be placed to allow for actions to be used. Players can freely use limit breaks. You can take up to three other players with you.

Yoshida showed off new mounts including a snowman and a chocorpokkur. New minions include a momora mora and a golden beaver.

Save the Queen (5.45)

A new large-scale duty called Delubrum Reginae will be added. The normal mode will include 24 and have no role requirements. The Savage version will feature 48 players and you must form parties before entering. You can enter by speaking to an NPC in Gangos and the normal version must be cleared to complete story quests.

Players cannot change jobs during this duty. A lost cache will be available at the entrance of this duty. Lost actions and gear with effects limited to Bozja, such as those obtained in the Bozjan Southern Front can be used in this duty. Each player will receive rewards from treasure coffers. Certain actions used to revive players are restricted in the Savage version.

There will be an additional field zone added in the Patch 5.5 series.

Resistance Weapons can be upgraded after completing all 5.45 quests. There are two additional steps in the upgrade process. During the second step, players can freely customize the secondary attributes, which will be a longer step than previous ones.

New Furnishings & Emotes

Bulk Advanced Materia Melding

A new option for materia melding, melding in bulk can be performed. This option will proceed with attempts until one is successfully melded — be warned, you may lose many materia in one fell swoop.


  • A live Patch Note reading will air on December 7th at 20:00 JST.
  • An Announcement Showcase broadcast will be held on Friday February 5th, 2021 at 5:30pm Pacific. (Editor’s Note: this event will likely reveal the game’s next expansion in place of the global Fan Festivals cancelled due to the pandemic.)
  • The seventh 14-Hour Broadcast will air the same day, beginning with the Announcement Showcase.
  • Final Fantasy XIV will collaborate with Pusheen for animated stickers coming to the App Store in early December.
  • Final Fantasy XIV is on sale for Black Friday ending November 30th (Steam: December 1st.)
  • Lawson will have limited-edition “FFXIV-man Choco” treats on sale December 15th. They also have stickers included, and you can redeem an in-game “Chocorpokkur” mount.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Mahjong Tournament 2020 will be broadcast on December 29th via NicoNico. Yoshida and other guests will be playing real-life mahjong. Further details will be announced on the Lodestone.

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