SaGa Frontier Remastered gets an eight-minute launch gameplay trailer

Today, Square Enix released an eight-minute launch gameplay trailer for SaGa Frontier Remastered, set to launch on April 15th for PlayStation 4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Based on the 1997 PlayStation title, it features eight playable protagonists with their own route.

The Remastered version also adds it’s own new updates in addition to graphics optimized for an HD format. An eighth playable protagonist, Fuse, has been added. Defeating all final bosses in each of the eight stories will open up a new challenge mode that will test your battle skills. Event scenes have also been added to Asellus’s storyline–cut from the original version of the game.

New Game+ will allow you to carry over items, attributes, techniques and more, using your previously-existing save file. You’ll be able to manually select what you want to carry over when starting a new game. Double Speed increases how fast the game runs, a new movement display has been added, the ability to flee from battle, and a quest log to track your progress.

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