Final Fantasy XVI main scenario complete, English voice recording nearly finished; might not make Tokyo Game Show 2021

During Final Fantasy XIV‘s 14-hour special broadcast, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida shared some sparse details on the upcoming and as of now elusive RPG. The game’s main scenario writing has been completed and the team is working its way through the final English voice recording phase – development is going well but it’s difficult because they want to maintain high quality.

As they don’t want to drip-feed information, the next time they do have content to reveal, they want to make sure to convince people to get the game as soon as they see it so they’re still polishing for the re-reveal. Unfortunately, that means Final Fantasy XVI might skip Tokyo Game Show this year despite Yoshida’s desire to show something there, but the team is trying to get it into a playable state by then regardless. That said, it was never going to be at E3.

The game remains in development for PlayStation 5.

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