NieR Automata collaboration in Babylon's Fall begins

Available now through April 26th, a NieR Automata collaboration event will be held in Babylon’s Fall where players can participate in special quests and missions, and earn various campaign items for a limited time. Rewards include cosmetics, such as hairstyles, emotes, and equipment from NieR Automata.

To participate, find the mission board and select “NieR Automata Campaign.” Gears will be collectible during missions, which can be traded for the themed rewards. Complete the “Amusement Park Rabbit” mission when it is implemented on April 12th and you’ll earn an Emil head for your vanity attire. The Garaz shop will offer an Emil-themed Coffin Case. Keep in mind that the Garaz Shop is reserved for premium currency only – and many of the event items are priced at 1500 Garaz which will require a purchase of an $18.99 voucher. So they’re quite pricey…

The missions themselves will drop relics that may contain several weapon designs from NieR Automata, such as Virtuous Contract, Cruel Oath, Machine Axe (Amusement Park Rabbit), and Pod Rod.

The mission list includes:

  • Beachhead I (Recommended Power 20)
    • Beachhead II (Recommended Power 60) *Complete Beachhead I
    • Beachhead III (Recommended Power 120) *Complete Beachhead II
  • Once More Into the Breach I (Recommended Power 20) *Complete Beachhead I
    • Once More Into the Breach II (Recommended Power 60) *Complete Into the Breach I
    • Once More Into the Breach III (Recommended Power 120) *Complete Into the Breach II
  • Certain Doom I (Recommended Power 20) *Complete Once More Into the Breach I
    • Certain Doom II (Recommended Power 60) *Complete Once More Into the Breach I
    • Certain Doom III (Recommended Power 120) *Complete Once More Into the Breach II
  • Amusement Park Rabbit: Hard (Recommended Power 60) *To be added 4/12/2022
    • Amusement Park Rabbit: Very Hard (Recommended Power 125) *To be added 4/12/2022

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