Final Fantasy XVI is in the final stages of development

With Final Fantasy XVI set to reveal itself further sometime this Spring following nearly half a year delay due to the pandemic conditions, the latest bit of information comes from the most unlikely of places. It’s not much but Final Fantasy as a series is currently being celebrated by Uniqlo with a number of shirts commemorating the 35th anniversary of the series. The company’s latest in-store magazine has an interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, who has offered up a status update in the form of a brief comment.

In a translation of said magazine provided by @aitaikimochi, Yoshida notes, “We’re in the final stages of development for the new numbered game in the series, Final Fantasy XVI. We aim to deliver a comprehensive game full of story and gameplay.

“Unlike an online game that involves many players at the same time, FFXVI offers a different experience where it focuses on the individual player and immerses you in the story. I think it’s a very fleshed out story. For those who have grown up and realized that reality isn’t kind to you and have drifted away from Final Fantasy, we hope that FFXVI will be a game that can bring back anew the passion that you once had with the series.”

As for when we can expect the next round of information – again, Spring 2022 is the current plan for the next “big reveal,” according to Yoshida’s message from December. From there they’ll seek to build excitement leading up to the game’s release.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

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