Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Confidential File -Secret Chapters- guide now available in Japan

Square Enix has released a new companion book for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin following its release last month. Currently only available in Japan, the guide “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Confidential File -Secret Chapters-” is now on sale for 2,970 yen (tax included). The book is a collection of documents about the action RPG, including the content of the March 18 update.

The book goes into detail on jobs, missions, battles and includes a Q&A style advice section on all those challenging sorts of elements. There’s also detailed character and story information, along with other articles created with the aim of getting you to appreciate the world of FF Origin. These include a material gallery with enemies, gear, storyboards, mission data and dungeon maps and practical data on jobs, equipment and abilities as well as a guide to making the most of the blacksmith shop.

Those interested in purchasing the guide, can do so through Amazon Japan with available overseas shipping.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is now available across multiple platforms. For more on the game, including our full review, head here.

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