Babylon's Fall Season 2 "The Light of Aaru" to begin May 31

Today, Square Enix and PlatinumGames announced that Babylon’s Fall’s second season “The Light of Aaru” will release on May 31st across all platforms. Concluding season one “The Eternal Ziggurat,” the new season will feature new content and features, as well as a graphics refresh.

Season 2 will continue through November 29th of this year, far longer than the three month cycle the team originally planned, so that the team can use that extra time to plan and implement further improvements to the game.

The main campaign will continue into a new chapter “The Light of Aaru” in which a Kuftaali VIP visits the Sentinel Force Headquarters where your character is stationed. The Sentinels head to the Ziggurat under a new order and are faced with “a new truth.” You’ll uncover the story of Elysium in the Ziggurat “The Tower of Benben” that stands tall in the desert.

More than 100 rewards including assassin-themed vanity attire can be acquired in Season 2, and just like Season 1, the next season’s Battle Pass can be purchased at a discounted price depending on the amount of BP earned. This resource is collected by completing daily and weekly objectives.

A new Pistol weapon type will be added and a new Sun element will be added, expanding the range of battle. Pistols have a steeper learning curve than other weapons, but will be quite powerful when mastered. Enemies attributed to the Sun element will require a change in strategy.

Multiple rankings are planned during the Season 2 period, which will bestow rare emblems should you rank high enough. 80 new quests will be added to Skirmish, Siege, and Duel game modes, as well as new infamous enemies that will bestow various valuable treasures.

You can check out the trailer for Season 2 below.

Babylon’s Fall is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

Trailer — Season 2: The Light of Aaru

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