Kitase and Nomura talk Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the fast pace of the Remake project

A wave of interviews centered on various Final Fantasy VII projects are making the rounds today including some new insight on the recently announced Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part in the three part Final Fantasy VII Remake project. Of note, there’s a lot of talk on the game’s “fast pace” development, which is quite a feat for a high-profile large-scale HD game such as this.

Speaking with 4Gamer and translated by Genki, producer Yoshinori Kitase tells that the Remake project was always intended to be developed in installments. Keeping the core team intact, the Remake team started work on FFVII Rebirth, which allowed development to progress very quickly. This is different from past games in the series, which would usually shed their teams once a game was completed – a philosophy that will hold true for the third installment when it enters full scale development in the future. “Currently, of course, we are developing FFVII Rebirth, but we have already started working on things such as plot and script for the third game,” says creative director Tetsuya Nomura. “Even though we’re calling it a trilogy, it feels like we’ve been making it continuously without pause.”

Further information comes from Famitsu, translations courtesy of xenosaga7, where it was revealed the Remake project was further planned to be a trilogy from the beginning. After the first game released, however, Kitase explored the possibility of doing it in two parts altogether but in the end they stuck with their original plan. While they can’t say what the third game will be called yet, Nomura wants to continue the “FF7R” naming scheme so be prepared for something along those lines.

As for Rebirth itself, those who might have been worried about things being cut or shortened – worry not. While there will be a slight change in the order of locations you visit throughout the story due to the nature of the project releasing in multiple parts, no locations from the original FFVII will be removed. Furthermore, the reveal trailer for Rebirth was just a teaser so it didn’t really have much to it. The next time we see the game, it’ll be much bigger and exciting.

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