Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin "Trials of the Dragon King" DLC trailer previews new jobs

Square Enix has introduced another trailer for the upcoming downloadable expansion for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin titled “Trials of the Dragon King”, ahead of its launch on July 20. This new look goes deeper into the story of Jack and company as they encounter the mysterious Bahamut, along with some of the new tools being added to the game. In addition to Staves, which extend to attack in wide swaths, players can take on three new jobs including Pilgrim, Evoker and Summoner.

Pilgrims seize foes using a staff that can stretch and shrink with the job action and then leap to their position or draw them into an attack. Evokers use the command evocation and can call forth spirits that independently attack enemies or execute special abilities on command. Summoners can summon Bahamut to destroy foes. Using max MP while summoned, Bahamut can unleash the all powerful megaflare.

Catch the new jobs in practice in the new trailer below.

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