What's new in Trials of the Dragon King expansion for Stranger of Paradise

The first expansion for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin arrives on July 20th, for all platforms. Titled “Trials of the Dragon King,” it can be purchased individually or as part of a season pass that will include two future DLC packages. Four new main missions, and nine new side missions will be available after clearing the “Warriors of Calamity” storyline and will feature an original story featuring the Dragon King Bahamut.

According to Square Enix:

“Taking an interest in Jack and his allies, Bahamut is willing to lend them its counsel and strength, should they pass its trials and prove their bravery. Trials of the Dragon King also sees Jack accosted by the Warriors of Light. Their fight is to restore the light to the crystals and thus save the world from the darkness that threatens to consume it.”

New jobs Pilgrim, Evoker, and Summoner have been added as well a new weapon type: Staves. There will also be a new accessory slot that can be utilized for special effects and status improvements. A new difficulty mode, Bahamut, can be accessed after completing the main game and further DLC will arrive later, in “Wanderer of the Rift” and “Different Future. Bahamut’s Trials also appear to allow you to tweak different combat functions for an even further challenge, and an exchange shop will allow purchase of powerful artifacts with accumulated Dragon’s Treasure, and upgrade abilities with Rat Tails.

Additionally, a feature that will let you play as Jack’s party members Ash, Jed, Neon, and Sophia will come to single player when the DLC launches.



Artwork & Renders

Dragon’s Treasure, Rat Tails, Accessory Slot

Job Icons


The Pilgrim can use a unique action “Assault Hook,” which will allow you to expand and contract your staff to snare an enemy and leap in to attack.


The Evoker job can use a unique action called “Illusion” which will call a spirit to the battle field. It will automatically attack enemies and perform special abilities in tandem with Jack’s actions.


The Summoner job can use a unique action called “Summon” which will bring Bahamut to the battlefield. While controlling Bahamut, you can unleash powerful abilities but continued use will deplete your maximum MP.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin — Trials of the Dragon King

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