Final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road launches August 26

The conclusion to Kingdom Hearts Dark Road approaches with the release of the final chapter, set to release on August 26 as a free update to the Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road app. This additional bit of story to the main scenario will focus on Xehanort’s tale, beginning when he was a boy becoming a young man and then eventually to when he becomes a master.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road was originally released for iOS, Android, and Amazon-powered devices. Available from the updated title screen of Kingdom Hearts Union χ app, Dark Road followed a young Xehanort along a path that will see him become the “Dark Seeker”. Despite previous conclusion of the service over a year ago, this new update sets out to make Dark Road playable once again. The current version of the app allows you to customize your avatar character, view story scenes through Theater Mode and play some mini-games.

Square Enix also released a recap video for their recent Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event, which can be viewed below.

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