Star Ocean The Divine Force updates characters, skills, and DUMA actions

The latest update for Star Ocean The Divine Force was posted today by publisher Square Enix and developer tri-Ace. Here, we’re introduced to Malkya Trathen, a new playable ally, as well as an enemy faction known as Vyrians. We also get a look at skills the party can use in combat, as well as the abilities the robotic D.U.M.A. can lend them.

You can check out the information in the latest video digest and our summary below. The next update will focus on non-combat activities like Item Creation, minigames, and other highlights. You can also check out the update that introduces Elena and Albaird, two party members who will join you on your journey.

Star Ocean The Divine Force will release on October 27th for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X|S, and Steam.

Story: Villians and a New Ally

In the far reaches of space… Laeticia, Raymond, and their friends fight to save the kingdom of Aucerius from the encroaching threat of the Vey’l Empire. Along their journey, the party repeatedly crosses paths with a faction known as the Vyrians. These Vyrians possess advanced technology, and seem to be involved with the Empire in some capacity.

During their power struggle with the Vyrians over D.U.M.A., Raymond and the others meet a race of beings that have lived on Aster IV since time immemorial. Their leader is Malkya Trathen. She and Midas, have quite the history. Malkya has also known Laeticia and Albaid since they were young, so she gladly lends them her aid.

Malkya fights using a unique melee style. The Trathen people have shape-shifting, malleable bodies, allowing Malkya to whip enemies with her limbs. She can even learn a special move to share her HP with her allies.

The conflict with the Vyrians will shake the planet of Aster IV to its core.

Where will this skirmish eventually lead? Whatever the outcome, it will certainly be a battle for the ages.

Skills & Actions

Each playable character can be customized extensively. Gain enough experience points and your characters will level up, granting them SP. Use SP to strengthen a variety of skills at your disposal, or learn entirely new abilities from the Skill Tree.

Combat Skills offer a variety of specialized attacks. Active Skills allow you to gain the upper hand in battle. Passive Skills provide a host of supportive boons. Mix and match to create your own unique fighting style.

Training D.U.M.A.

Learn skills or strengthen existing ones by collecting DP accumulated by collecting gems. Improving this mysterious ally will be a great help on your journey. These are not the limits of D.U.M.A.’s capabilities, however. It also has access to powerful skills through Vatting. These are special techniques unique to each character. The Vatting gauge will fill up as you perform actions in battle; once it reaches its max, you can unleash devastating abilities. Carefully utilize your characters’ powerful offensive and recovery expertise to turn the tide of battle.

Players can also activate a barrier that nullifies incoming attacks by holding the VA button during combat. This barrier can even repel attacks and make enemies flinch.

D.U.M.A. can also be detached from the player character, allowing it to provide various status-enhancing effects to the whole party. This condition is called Estery Cage. The Estery Cage increases allies’ defenses, reducing the damage they receive. However, the party cannot use VA or Vatting while the Estery Cage is in effect, nor will the VA gauge accumulate. Though situational, this defensive measure does have its uses.

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