Final Fantasy XIV North American Data Center expansion to commence on November 1

Following a short delay, Final Fantasy XIV will be seeing an expansion of operations on November 1 with the addition of a new North American Logical Data Center. The new Data Center, which will be known as Dynamis, will house four new worlds including the following: Halicarnassus, Maduin, Marilith and Seraph.

Originally, the first part of this expansion was meant to launch back in August 2022, however, due to equipment delays, Square Enix was forced to push back by a few months. The expansion now will coincide with the launch and maintenance of Patch 6.28.

It’s important to note that residential districts will not be available in the new worlds at launch. Lottery sales for desired plots will begin from November 5, with further details to be announced before then at a later date. For more on the World Transfer process, see the play guide here.

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