Star Ocean The Divine Force details private actions, item creation, and minigames

The latest Star Ocean The Divine Force mission report has rolled in, and with it comes more information about additional playable characters you’ll encounter in your adventure as well as an overview of additional gameplay systems like Private Actions, item creation, Es’owa minigame, and side quests.

Star Ocean The Divine Force will release on October 27th, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam. A free demo is available now.

Check it out what’s new down below. Elsewhere you can watch the Tokyo Game Show trailer and check out Nina and Midas’ character introductions.

New Allies & Characters

Marielle L. Kenny

First officer of the Pangalactic Federation vessel, the Astoria; descendent of the heroic Kenny family; possesses an unparalleled sense of responsibility.

Farouz Ai

Erika Mendez


In the vast reaches of space… As battle consumes the Kingdom of Aucerius, Raymond and his companions encounter an unexpected individual.

Marielle L. Kenny is the first officer on the Astoria, the federation ship that shot down the merchant vessel Ydas. Yet, for reasons unknown, she too makes her way to the planet of Aster IV. There, she happens upon Raymond and the others.

As an elite federation soldier, Marielle excels in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. When she performs her special Vatting ability, D.U.M.A locks on to her weapon and they fire a beam more powerful than any cannon known to man.

The story only grows in scope as the encounter with Marielle further involves the Pangalactic Federation.

Malkya Trathen

Leader of the Trathen who live on Nihlbeth.

Yoko Hikasa

Laura Post


Raymond and the others meet a race of beings that have lived on Aster IV since time immemorial. Their leader is Malkya Trathen. She and Midas have quite the history. Malkya has also known Laeticia and Albaird since they were young, so she gladly lends them their aid.

Malkya fights using a unique melee style. The Trathen people have shape-shifting, malleable bodies allowing Malkya to whip enemies with her limbs. She can even learn a special move to share her HP with her allies.

Chloe Kanaris

Pilot of the merchant vessel Ydas; uses her keen intuition to assess situations accurately.

Yuka Otsubo

Cristina Vee


Antonio Lawrence

Raymond’s older brother; captain of the merchant vessel Aldolus owned by Lawrence Logistics.

Ryota Takeuchi

Jay Preston


Welch Vineyard

The self-proclaimed beautiful merchant magnate with genius-level smarts; orders the party to run errands for her in hopes of reestablishing the Vineyard family.

Tomoe Hanba

Melissa Fahn


Special Events & Private Actions

Special events that center around colorful characters will occur throughout your journey. Separate from the main storyline, these events vary greatly depending on the characters involved. Each special event will enrich your overall experience in The Divine Force.

When entering a town, conversational events known as Private Actions may occur. Separate from the main storyline, these are one-of-a-kind, personal interactions between you and your team. How you respond will affect your relationships. Choose carefully—these Private Actions will ultimately impact the game’s ending. You have full control of your interactions and how you engage with each character.

Item Creation

After you encounter Welch, you can complete her requests to unlock Item Creation.

Item Creation allows you to craft powerful items from the things you collect on your travels. Use each character’s respective talents, such as Laeticia’s skill in compounding, or Raymond’s aptitude for smithwork to produce new and exciting items that will assist you on your adventures.

If you nurture these talents, you will create even more amazing items. You may even see signs that the Vineyard family is making its comeback as you complete Welch’s requests. The merchant magnate wears her emotions on her sleeve, so get ready to experience the full gamut of her moods.


Want in on the latest celestial craze? Pick up what you need in the seaport of Rythal to play the minigame known as Es’owa. Es’owa has taken the universe by storm! The goal is to place your game pieces known as pawns on the board and attack to reduce your opponent’s health to zero. You can challenge Es’owa enthusiasts whom you encounter throughout your adventures. Compete often to increase your rank.

Pawns have assigned roles, ability values, and special moves. There are also a variety of ways to acquire them. Collect powerful pawns that suit your style, strategize, and become an Es’owa master!


A wealth of sidequests await you in the towns and cities of The Divine Force. Whether you are vanquishing monsters in the wilderness, collecting items, or delivering something to someone in need, there is no shortage of quests.

After the story proceeds to a certain point, you will be able to unlock fast travel. With fast travel you can teleport instantly to the locations you have previously visited, allowing you to explore efficiently.

Demo Version — Star Ocean The Divine Force

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