Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 74 Summary - Patch 6.3 launches early January 2023

In the 74th Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy XIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida and global community manager Toshio Murouchi revealed the first round of information on the anticipated Patch 6.3, the next major content patch headed to the game at the start of next year. Since this is the first part of a two part preview, there will be more slides and less screenshots and in-game footage.

We’ve summarized the major information below — check it out!

What’s to Come in Patch 6.3

Patch 6.3 is titled Gods Revel, Lands Tremble and will release early January 2023.

  • Patch 6.3 will continue the main scenario quest from 6.2.
  • ‘Tataru’s Grand Endeavor’ sidequest will continue.
  • The ‘Tales of Newfound Adventure’ sidequest will continue; this quest is unlocked by leveling various roles to the level cap.
  • ‘Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures’ will continue in Patch 6.35.
  • ‘Manderville Weapon’ sidequest will continue in Patch 6.35.
  • New Tribal Quests will be available in Patch 6.35. They’ll involve the Lopporrits and the crafting role.
  • A new instanced dungeon will be added to the main scenario: Lapis Manalis.
  • A new trial will be added, and again, the title and opponent are a secret. There will be an Extreme-level difficulty of this duty.
  • The latest Unreal Trial will be against Sophia in the Containment Bay P1T6.
  • The newest chapter of the ‘Myths of the Realm’ alliance raid series will continue in Patch 6.3. This time, you will travel to ‘Euphrosyne’.
  • What will the new Ultimate duty involve? It’s a secret! The newest Ultimate duty will release two weeks after the launch of Patch 6.3.
  • Deep Dungeon #3 will release in Patch 6.35. Deep Dungeon #3: is called ‘Eureka Orthos’. Players must first complete the ‘Endwalker’ main scenario and progress to floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Deep Dungeon’ style content in FFXIV, it’s a dungeon whose architecture changes each time players enter to explore. Players begin at a designated level and gain experience as they progress towards the deepest floor. Deep Dungeon-specific arms and gear are enhanced by playing through this content. You can also enter with groups made of 1-4 players without role restrictions. The difficulty is unaffected by party size.
  • Eureka Orthos will require Level 81 or above to enter. Once inside, players will begin at Level 81. Rules and functionality are generally identical to other Deep Dungeons Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.
  • Duty Support will be expanded for the following Heavensward duties: The Great Gubal Library, Sohr Khai, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, Xelphatol, The Antitower and Baelsar’s Wall.

PVE & PVP Updates

  • Job adjustments will be applied to PvE and PvP. No large scale changes are planned, but Paladin’s rotation will be heavily revised. More on this will be covered in the next Live Letter.
  • No adjustments to PvP actions on deck. Series 3 will begin in 6.3, as well as Season 5 of Crystalline Conflict.
  • A new arena for Crystalline Conflict will be added, looking to be in Kugane Castle.

Crafting & Gathering Updates

  • Tool Enhancement quests are coming for crafters in Patch 6.35 featuring Grenoldt.
  • New custom deliveries will be added with a new clien who seems to be a mystery at the moment.
  • Collectability values will be displayed for reference when gathering collectable items. Primary fishing locations, preferred bait, and additional conditions will be added to the Fish Guide. A new spearfishing location will be added to Upper La Noscea (a first for ARR zones.)
  • Island Sanctuary will be updated with new ranks, visions and item rewards. New materials, crops, animals, and isleworks handicrafts will be added. Pictured is a griffin and a tiger, and a morbol seedling (not a minion).
  • New structures will also be added. Improvements to the workshop interface based on feedback will be added, particularly regarding the Agenda/Supply & Demand/Earnings report. There will be an option to collect ALL available yields/leavings at once.
  • Animals under care will also be eligible for release upon a new animal’s capture. You will also be able to save orchestrion settings and visitor will now hear the islekeep’s orchestrion selection. Notification will be displayed should visitors arrive at your island.
  • Treasure Hunt will be updated with a new dungeon: ‘The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon’. The portal is accessible via a new Elpis-centric treasure map.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • The Gold Saucer will get a new course added for the ‘Leap of Faith’ mini-game.
  • For housing – additional wards for all residential areas will be added. Six wards and six subdivisions (1800 new plots per World). These are planned for sale by lottery and details regarding FC vs. private plot distribution will be announced at a later date.
  • Onto UI improvements, icons for damage type will now display in the Battle log and flying text. Three types are displayed: physical, magical, and unique.
  • The ability to displaying remaining time for buffs/debuffs in the party list has been added.
  • A third UI theme has been added. Portraits will now display using the Duty Finder (Only party members’ portraits will be displayed for 24-player duties.)
  • Expansion of available actions when using fashion accessories.
  • Ability to cast glamours and dye retainer equipment without removing it.
  • Ability to cast glamours on your own equipment directly from your retainer’s inventory.
  • Ability to filter newly added items at Sundry Splendors vendors.


  • Tactics Ogre Reborn screenshot sweepstakes is underway.
  • ‘Sanctuary’s Heart: FINAL FANTASY XIV Chill Arrangement Album’ is now available digitally.
  • A fourth set of official LINE stickers are available.
  • ‘ORCHESTRA CONCERT 2022 -Eorzean Symphony-‘ will conduct an additional lottery ticket sale for the 12/17 & 18 performance in Japan. Enter by 12/16 to qualify.
  • The team is planning a lot to celebrate A Realm Reborn’s 10th anniversary next year.

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