Forspoken highlights Frey's magic types in a Magic Combat deep dive video

When Frey Holland finds herself whisked out of New York City and into the fantastical land of Athia, she learns quite quickly that she’s become magically adept, with access to a host of different types of spells to take down enemies afflicted by the Break — a curse that blights the land.

In the latest ‘Deep Dive’ video shared by Square Enix, we get a look at the various schools of spells Frey can employ: primarily Purple and Red Magic in addition to Blue and Green Magic. Different forms of these spells can be deployed for various situations, from traversal to souped-up super attacks.

Another new video will drop next week that highlights quests, challenges, and the various activities found within the world of Athia.

Forspoken is set to launch for PlayStation 5 and PC on January 23, 2023 with the Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Story DLC will available sometime in Summer 2023. Pre-ordering the game digitally on PlayStation 5 will get you in-game items including the ‘No Limits Cloak’, ‘Symbol Combo Necklace’, and ‘Trigger Happy Nails’. Pre-ordering the game on PC will get you in-game items including the ‘Elite Cloak’, ‘Spectra Combo Necklace’ and ‘Overclock Nails.

Deep Dive — Magic Combat

This is Athia, home to treacherous landscapes, corrupted beasts, and menacing threats. To survive in this wicked environment, Frey must learn how to master an arsenal of magical abilities.

There are multiple types of spells Frey can learn to deploy, and each type of magic will have its own array of attack, support, and parkour skills.

Frey will have access to the base spells of each magic type, with powerful upgrades available to earn by collecting mana.

At the onset of her journey, Frey discovers the Earth-based Purple Magic. The quick attack spell for this magic is known as a “Shot” and by charging up Shot, Frey can unleash more powerful attacks. Burst Shot fires clusters of explosive rock. Shield Shot creates a defensive barrier while charging and explodes into smaller particles when released. Scatter Shot unloads a steady stream of rocks, then quickly triggers a high-impact, long range projectile.

Frey’s Purple Magic also provides her with support spells that come in handy in a variety of ways. For example, Prime sets up explosive traps, Screen generates a force field, and Tendril heals based on how much damage it does.

For more defense-minded players, Frey has a host of abilities that provide her with survivability in battle. Learning how to dodge attacks with magic parkour is the key to defeating the corrupted threats of Athia. But when she does get stuck, Frey’s trusty sidekick Cuff will take the hit to reduce the damage dealt and create an opportunity for a counterattack.

Cuff can also be extremely useful before any enemy encounter occurs. With Cuff’s assistance, Frey can scan the area for nearby points of interest and potential threats. Additionally, Cuff can examine enemies to provide valuable intel on their strengths and weaknesses.

Later into Frey’s journey, she will unlock fire-based Red Magic and these spells open up new ways to play. Spells like Fusillade, Aegis, and Legion are strong defensive options.

But sometimes a strong offense is the best defense. Red Magic gives Frey the ability to unleash some devastating melee attacks. The quick attack spell for Red Magic bestows Frey with a magical blade called Slice. A charged up Slice unleashes the magic attacks Arc Slice, Blast Slice, and Rage Slice. Additionally, the Red Magic support spells provide various offensive capabilities such as Charge and Bombardier.

In addition to Purple and Red Magic, Frey will gain access to Blue and Green Magic as she progresses on her journey. These magic types also offer a multitude of attack and support spells for Frey to master.

Using attack and support spells gradually charges Frey’s Surge Magic, eventually enabling her to cast an extra-powerful spell. Used at the right moment, it can wipe out an entire opposing force in one fell swoop.

Frey can also choose to end an opponent by dealing a Killer Blow, a devastating move that she can perform when an enemy is stunned on the ground. Experimenting with different magic types and abilities allows Frey to tailor her combat style to suit any perilous situation.

With a wide range of magical abilities at her disposal, Frey will have a multitude of ways to deal with any situation she may encounter. Only after mastering these new abilities will she be able to defend Athia against the corrupting force of the break and perhaps find a way back home.

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