Octopath Traveler II adds characters Partitio and Osvald in a new video

A new update on the upcoming Octopath Traveler II offers up a look and overview on two characters being introduced for the first time. These characters are Partitio, the Merchant and Osvald, the Scholar – a pair of protagonist that will make up eight in total.

Having witnessed the rise and fall of his hometown, Partitio journeys across the land to expand his abilities as a salesman. He can purchase items from folks in town and hire others to join his own party as guests. He also has the unique skill to obtain discounts from Business Partners.

Osvald has an entirely different outlook. He was sentenced to a life term in prison following the murder of his wife and daughter. Having been jailed for 1,879 days at the start of the game, Osvald’s story begins mapping out his daily life in prison. Osvald is unique because he can scrutinize people and gain information to fight against townsfolks and claim their belongings. He can use a Study Foe ability that points out enemy weaknesses whilst in combat.

The character video also offers up a look at Latent Powers too. Osvald, for example, uses Concentrate Spells, which can increase single target spell potency, and Partitio’s is Hoot and Holler, which will instantly replenish BP.

Octopath Traveler II will launch on February 24, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Catch the character trailer along with new screenshots and artwork below.

Character Trailer


Pixel Art

Key Art

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