Final Fantasy XI December 2022 Update refreshes Ambuscade & Odyssey

In the December monthly update to Final Fantasy XI available today, Ambuscade has refreshed Meebles and Harpeia encounters, and Odyssey has its final tier of difficult added, alongside available upgrades. Producer Akihiko Matsui and director Yoji Fujito talk about the December update’s highlights, as well as ongoing and recurring campaigns.

You can check out the detailed update notes on the official forums here.


December’s Ambuscade update features Meebles in Volume One and Harpeia in Volume Two. For the Meeble encounter, the special ability Meeble Warble will take longer to activate in Easy through Very Difficult modes. Additionally, when the boss gains the effect of Hundred Fists, it will gain a resistance to damage from consecutive uses of Blood Pact abilities.

The Harpeia encounter’s boss has had its HP lowered so it should be easier to defeat. Up to three Golden Bombs will appear when certain requirements are fulfilled, which the team advises is a good way to earn Hallmarks.


In this month’s update, Veng +21 through +25 will be unlocked in Odyssey. This means you’ll be able to further upgrade your gear; by defeating a Veng +25 boss, it will allow you to upgrade the relevant gear to Rank 30. This unlock allows for a fourth augment on weapons and armor and a third augment on accessories.

This will be the final difficulty update for Odyssey. The bosses in this new difficulty are extremely powerful, and the team wants you to challenge them and test your mettle.

The Voracious Resurgence

The latter half of Part 10 of The Voracious Resurgence will be delayed out of this month’s update. Since they are entering the final phase of the story, there’s a lot the team wants to implement into the game. Therefore, they needed more time to prepare, as it was decided that releasing the story all together was preferable to releasing it in parts. They apologize to players looking forward to it in this month’s update.

The team will be adding titles and other elements related to Part 10 ahead of its release, and they will be visible in game once the story has been released.

Other Announcements

  • Pearl sales for the New Year’s Nomad Mog Bonanza 2023 will begin on December 16. You’ll be able to purchase two Bonanza pearls this time as well.
  • The Starlight Celebration will also begin on December 16th. A new orchestrion roll will be added as a rewards, which they hope you will anticipate.
  • The Return Home to Vana’diel and Discount Campaigns will return in late December. Campaign details have been shared on the official website.

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