Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will run a prototype test in January 2023

Square Enix has announced that applications for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link prototype tests will start today in Japan and run through December 26th. Following the recruitment phase, the test period will commence from Janurary 13th to January 18th. These tests will be limited in scope to verify certain functions instead of a full-on beta test.

The smartphone game is next in the series line-up, set to kick off beta testing in Summer 2023, and follows the sunset of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ and Xehanort origin story Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV as part of the series 20th anniversary festivities. The game features what seems to be a customizable protagonist navigating through an AR-themed city, akin to Pokémon GO and engaging in action-based battles against enemies. The game also seems to heavily revolve around Scala ad Caelum, and returning character Brain can also be seen in the announcement trailer.

Trailer Transcript

An Unwritten Era

Everything is Connected

Light and darkness brought about the beginning, and hearts nurtured it.

Life was passed down time and time again, until the land was filled with thriving people.

This is a city of light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten—Scala ad Caelum. Here the people gathered to be part of a whole, in societies that sprawled and branched like veins through the city.

The night you awoke in this world, the stars shone contorted in the pitch-black sky.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

Main Visual

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement trailer

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