Valentione's Day seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on February 1

The Valentione’s Day limited-time seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV from February 1st through February 15th. Titled ‘To Thine Own Love Be True’, a short scenario quest will be available in game. Limited time items from previous years’ iterations of the event can also be purchased from the Online Store at a discount.

Take a look at the event details below, and, while you’re here, check out where to unlock new content in Patch 6.3, which released on January 10, 2023. This patch continues the main scenario, introduce a new Myths of the Realm alliance raid, and a continuation the Deep Dungeon series with Eureka Orthos will follow in Patch 6.35 in several weeks.

“‘Tis the season of ardor and affection, and as per the custom, cities and residential areas the realm over shall be bedecked with an impressive array of rosy decorations that promise to inspire feelings of love in all who behold them. Lisette de Valentione seeks an adventurer’s assistance in a matter of the heart, but from her troubled expression, one can only guess the sort of mission that awaits…”


Suited for Affection

Location: Speak to Lisette de Valentione @ Old Gridania [x10.2, y9.4]
Requires: Level 15, travel to Gridania.

“Lisette de Valentione’s gaze is sultry, yet her eyes wander uneasily.”

Start: February 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM (PST)
Stop: February 15, 2023 @ 6:59 AM (PST)


Gear for
male adventurers:

Vested Emissary’s Attire Coffer:
Valentione Emissary’s Hat [head]
Valentione Emissary’s Jacket [body]
Valentione Emissary’s Bottoms [legs]
Valentione Emissary’s Boots [feet]

Gear for
female adventurers:

Frilled Emissary’s Attire Coffer:
Valentione Emissary’s Dress Hat [head]
Valentione Emissary’s Ruffled Dress [body]
Valentione Emissary’s Culottes [legs]
Valentione Emissary’s Dress Boots [feet]

• Eat Chocolate

Valentione’s Heart Desk [table]





2021 (+ Little Ladies’ Day)



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