Final Fantasy XI's February 2023 update refreshes Ambuscade, Sortie, adds chat filter

In the latest monthly update to Final Fantasy XI available today, Ambuscade has refreshed corses and demon encounters, and Sortie has been updated to further address congestion players are experiencing. A chat log “term filter” can also be created by editing local files to include those terms. Producer Akihiko Matsui and director Yoji Fujito talk about the February update’s highlights below.

You can check out the detailed update notes on the official forums here.


In February’s update, Volume One features Corses, while Volume Two features Demons. The Corse encounter has been adjusted where it will no longer use Gambol Macabre when its skeleton minions are not present — which the team says will be an easier fight if you focus on the minions. However, if the Corse uses a special ability when the targeted player is a certain distance away, it will always use Gambol Macabre regardless of whether any minions are present. Additionally, when the Corse uses Blood Weapon, it will remove any negative status ailments from itself and its minions. If you’re playing at a distance to limit what special abilities the Corse can use, make sure you don’t move too far away.


The team is making adjustments to address the congestion and they thank players for their patience. The number of instances has been increased from 2 to 3, which will improve queue times. That said they’ll continue to monitor the situation.

A new instance area, Out Ra’kaznar [U3] has been added, and the auto-transport option has been returned to the instance reservation system.

Other Announcements

  • Pets for beastmaster, dragoon, summoner, and puppetmaster have been adjusted. For pets post-item level, they have increased evasion and magic evasion stats. Maximum damage values of critical hits by pet abilities and auto-attacks dealing physical damage have been raised.
  • For the chat log: the Term Filter as it’s officially named allows players to specify certain terms to be filtered out from incoming messages. Messages containing the specified terms will not be displayed in the chat log. The team says they were finally able to implement a way to prevent the chat log from being buried with messages such as /yell. After an initial implementation, there will be further improvements in future updates.

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