Here's Final Fantasy XVI's PAX East panel in full

If you missed the live presentation for Final Fantasy XVI‘s “Yes, You Can Pet the Torgal” panel at PAX East today, there’s no need to worry. Square Enix has gone and uploaded the panel in full direct feed so you can watch it in the comfort of your own time. It’s a good thing too because the earlier broadcast didn’t go particularly well – cutting out at several instances during key gameplay showcases.

During the panel, producer Naoki Yoshida and localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox covered a broad overview for the game, noting that FFXVI aims to resonate with both young and older players. To do this, the team has focused on the importance of narrative, characters, visuals and the battle system. Several videos were shown off to demonstrate these pillars, including a look at Eikons (summons) and the main characters – all using real time graphics.

Several locations were also shown, detailing FFXVI’s world of Valisthea. Once again, Yoshida noted that the locations seen in a walkthrough video are all real time places you can visit.

Moving on, the panel also took a deeper look at the Eikons and their Dominants. Dominants are the keepers of the Eikons, or summons in FFXVI. They are characters who become the Eikons themselves. It’s not just about battle – the backgrounds of each one will be equally important. There’s also Eikonic Abilities and Eikonic Clashes which make up the two pillars of the battle system. These unique encounters are built from the ground up and won’t be the same every time.

As Final Fantasy XVI aims to be a game for all players, Yoshida stressed that it’s an action RPG meant for everyone – even turn based fans. More on the game’s RPG elements will be shared this coming April, so for those looking for more on that front, stay tuned. For now, catch the PAX East panel in full, along with each gameplay segment in the video below.

Final Fantasy XVI will launch on June 22 for PlayStation 5.

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