Here's 25 minutes of Final Fantasy XVI from PlayStation's State of Play broadcast

Final Fantasy XVI took the stage once again today to headline PlayStation’s latest State of Play broadcast segments – offering up a hefty 25 minutes look at the upcoming PlayStation 5 RPG. The footage on display featured a mix of in-game gameplay and event scenes – all captured running on PS5 – in order to brush up on the story and world as well.

Much of the information shared was focused on the main character, Clive, whose story begins in his 20s – although you will see him in his teens and eventually his 30s. Navigation was also detailed, which will be traversed through the introduction of the world map. As is traditional of RPGs, locations will become available as you make your way through the game and uncover the various ins and outs of Valisthea.

Along with a good long look at FFXVI’s battle system in motion, Clive’s abilities were shown – they’re tied to Eikons and can be unlocked by spending Ability Points. Unsure of what to spend them on? The game can automatically do it for you. Clive can also equip accessories that grant abilities that let you tailor your experience to your liking, especially for those who want an easier time with the action battle system.

There’s also a Story Mode, in which several accessories are equipped to simplify gameplay. That way you can focus on the narrative rather than worry about the action. Of course, you can always choose the Action Mode if you’d rather go all in.

Furthermore, characters such as Jill and Cid will be found at Cid’s Hideaway whilst others will be found during Clive’s journey and join you as AI partners. Torgal, however, will fight alongside Clive on his accord, but can be given commands.

At the Hideaway you can peruse shops, test your skills at an Arete Stone and discover a variety of sidequests – including those from all around Valisthea. You can also visit the hunt board where a moogle will guide you towards marks that need to be slain across the realm. There’s also an element known as The Thousand Tomes, that lets Clive recount his adventures, as well as another NPC who will let you in on all the current events.

Wrapping up, we were shown a good long look at the game’s Eikons and how they will go from providing Clive with extraordinary abilities to full on Eikon vs Eikon battles of titanic proportions. More on the game will be shared in the coming weeks, including details on battle content, side content and endgame content. Producer Naoki Yoshida also revealed that Kenshi Yonezu will write and perform the main theme for FFXVI.

You can watch the full overview and deep-dive into FFXVI here:


Final Fantasy XVI will launch for PlayStation 5 on June 22.

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