Final Fantasy XVI shares new gameplay clips and Eikon artwork

Today, we have a brand new smattering of short new Final Fantasy XVI along with official Eikon artwork designed by character designer Kazuya Takahashi. In the, we see some new bits of previously revealed systems, such as titanic eikon battles, flashy eikonic abilities, and how Torgal and party members fight alongside Clive.

Check out the following footage, and also the original soundtrack details that dropped today.

Eikon Battles

The showiest piece of Final Fantasy XVI’s combat are the Eikon battles, which see Dominants transform into large summoned beasts and do battle. Each of these battles will have a different theme associate with them.

Eikonic Abilities

Protagonist Clive Rosfield can learn and deploy powerful Eikonic abilities in battle. Pressing the left trigger button will cycle between a set of three Eikons, which change what abilities he can use.

Story Focus Mode

You can select this mode at the start to gain early access to various accessories that automate certain battle actions like evasion and using abilities. These are intended for players unused to action games and want to experience easier operation of the controller.

Learning Abilities

By accruing ability points, you can spend them in the abilities section of the menu to learn new skills and increase their effectiveness. Clive has a central radial selection of abilities, and various Eikons are positioned nearby. If you’re not sure what you want to spend your AP on, there’s an automatic selection option you can use.


Torgal will join Clive in battle and can be issued various commands including the ability to heal damage over time. Timing Torgal’s strikes with Clive’s own is an effective way to play.


While party members like Jill and Cid aren’t controllable, they will fight alongside Clive in battle using AI. The characters that join you will change depending on your progress in the story.

Eikon artwork by Kazuya Takahashi

Eikons are renowned in the world of Valisthea, and are summoned by a Dominant, who transforms into the classic Final Fantasy summoned beast and weilds its powers at their will. Kazuya Takahashi, who also serves as Final Fantasy XVI’s character designer, fittingly designed the Eikons as well.

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