Forspoken DLC 'In Tanta We Trust' releases on May 26, early access on May 23

Following the launch of Forspoken last year, Square Enix has shared a trailer and release date for In Tanta We Trust, a DLC package set to release on May 26th for PC and PlayStation 5. Those who purchased the Digital Deluxe version of the game will get it for free and with a three day head start on May 23rd during an ‘early access’ period. Those who do not will be able to purchase the DLC standalone on May 26th.

The DLC will feature protagonist Frey Holland after the conclusion of the main story in Forspoken. She has restored a tenative peace to Athia, but is searching to rid the land of the disastrous Break, a destructive magical force wielded by powerful sorceresses called the Tantas, who were once Athia’s rulers before falling to madness. The story of the main game pits Frey against the Tantas in a struggle to save the slim remnants of humanity clinging to Athia’s lands.

When she hears a mysterious voice, Frey is led to a place that transports her 25 years back in time to a key event in Athia’s history called the ‘Purge of the Rheddig’ — an event that set in motion the events of Forspoken. Here, she encounters Tanta Cinta, who will travel and fight alongside Frey using her own magical powers, and Frey also learns “a grim truth” about herself.

Frey will also get new magical spells to use, such as ‘Skewer’, which is a support spell that “fires a beam of magic straight ahead that has a high chance of crystalizing enemies.” She can also learn ‘Shock’, which “unleashes a wave of magical enemies that can crystallize your foes.” After crystallizing enemies, you can use ‘Allied Strike’ to have Tanta Cinta “unleash a devastating volley of piercing bullets at enemies ahead.” Cinta will support Frey in battle by summoning protective shields and following up on attacks.

Frey’s magic-based parkour skills will also come in handy as the DLC’s topography is said to be highly vertical.

You can check out the latest in the trailer below and read our review of Forspoken here.

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